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CHEAP EATS: Ted & Wally's

Ted and Wally's
Posted at 8:35 AM, May 18, 2023
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OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — Now that Spring is here — we are officially in ice cream season.

In this week's Cheap Eats, 3 News Now Anchor Serese Cole is taking you to one of the most popular ice cream shops in the Metro.

Ted & Wally's was created back in 1984 in Lincoln. It made its way to Omaha two years later.

The ice cream shop is known for two things: the unique way they make their rich, creamy ice cream and their wide variety of creative, unusual flavors.

Ted & Wally's Ultra-Premium Ice Cream has been an Old Market staple for nearly four delicious decades.

The charming ice cream shop — used to be a gas station.

"Our grandfather was the one who put in the gas pumps," said Jeanne Pittack.

Jeanne and Joe Pittack worked at the ice cream shop in college.

The brother-sister duo eventually went from scooping to buying when a chain wanted to purchase the place.

"The whole idea of just some out-of-state person making it a franchise - I was like 'Oh no'," Jeanne recalled. "So, I called Joe and asked him if he wanted to go in and buy it from them - and he was like, 'Oh sure'. I guess we were young enough to be like we have no idea what the hell we're doing - but sure - yeah."

Since then, the ice cream business has been their business.

"I've eaten ice cream almost every day for the last 26 years," Jeanne laughed.

The old-fashioned ice cream shop is known for its ultra-premium ice cream.

"Which is something you can't buy at the store. It's 20% butterfat which means we use really heavy cream - we use real eggs and all the things," she explained.

The secret behind the rich ice cream isn't really that much of a secret.

It's slow-churned, in century-old machines, right in the front of the store.

Every batch is made the same way — with ice, rock salt and time.

They made vanilla bean ice cream for us, but Ted & Wally's is home to a variety of flavors.

"In active rotation right now - 3000 different ice cream flavors," Jeanne revealed.

"Our cinnamon - we can't keep around. I think that's an original," Joe shared.

Some flavors — more creative than others.

The store received national accolades for its Malted Ikasumi ice cream — made with squid ink.

"It's really black and of course, no one in Omaha had that," Jeanne explained.

They train their employees to come up with unique flavors, too.

"I made a Blueberry Banana Cake Mix one time. It's pretty good - kind of tastes like a banana muffin," Brooke Brown shared.

Now, another batch of siblings are working here — Brooke, Brent and Brielle Brown.

Brielle walked me through the flavors of the day — like the Caramel Chocolate Snickers.

Serese: So, which one should we try first?
Brielle: I think the Chocolate Cake Mix. It's my favorite.

She also scooped up a bowl of the Bridget's Breakfast.

"That's amaretto, it's got granola and it's got chocolate chunks," Brielle detailed.

Serese: So how do you know if somebody is really enjoying the ice cream?
Brielle: They usually roll their eyes to the back of their head. They're like "Oh my God" - and you know it's the one they have to have!

From cones to milkshakes, you can get just about any frozen treat at Ted & Wally's.
And you never know who may show up.

"Bill Murray has come in quite a bite. He comes in a lot with Warren Buffet, and they order the exact same thing every time - Strawberry Ice Cream Soda - and sometimes Bill Murray will get two," she shared.

It's not just the rich and famous, this time of year all ice cream lovers are eager to get inside.

"It gets really wild down here. We'll get a line out the door around the building - we've never tried to tame the line - we just let the line do its own thing," Joe joked.

Ted & Wally's Ultra-Premium Ice Cream has two locations:
The Old Market shop is at 1120 Jackson Street.
The Benson store is at 6023 Maple Street.

Both locations are open every day from 11:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Ted & Wally's has keto and vegan options.

For more information, go to

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