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Omaha Rapid Bus Transit construction to begin soon

Mayor, others to give update on ORBT
Posted at 9:03 PM, Jul 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-31 12:25:41-04

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — Bus stops along Dodge and Douglas streets will relocate this week in preparation for Metro Transit's ORBT (Omaha Rapid Bus Transit) construction.

Metro Transit says ORBT will start operation next spring and asks the community to be safe and respectful during the construction process.

According to the ORBT website, the service will unite smart technology and streamlined travel to create a faster, more frequent public transportation.

The transit investment is the biggest the region has seen in years, allowing Omaha to compete with other metropolitan areas.

The Weitz Company will lay the foundation for each station, including platform preparation, roadway improvements and travel upgrades.

Metro Transit says construction time will vary by location and temporary closures of adjacent travel lanes will occur. Near all platform construction sites, temporary bus stops will be installed.

Due to safety concerns and space constraints, sidewalk access may be limited. Metro Transit encourages pedestrians to find alternate routes until construction is completed at each site.

Construction starts mid-August to build the ORBT stations. The construction team will start at Metro's Westroads Transit Center and work eastward along Dodge St.

To prepare for construction, the Omaha Metro bus system will relocate bus stops on Dodge and Douglas streets for pedestrian and rider safety.

Relocation takes place on Thursday, August 1 and Friday, August 2.

The following is a list of affected stops:


Park Ave & Dodge NE – Use Turner Blvd & Dodge NE -
33rd & Dodge NE –Relocated east of current location. Additional stop located at 34th & Dodge NE
42nd & Dodge NE – Relocated to the northwest corner
49th & Dodge NE – Use 48th & Dodge NE or 50th & Dodge NW
62nd & Dodge NW – Use 66th & Dodge NW
72nd & Dodge NW – Relocated west of current location
84th & W Dodge Road NE – Relocated east of current location
90th & W Dodge Road NW – Relocated to the northeast corner

90th & W Dodge Road SE – Relocated east of current location
72nd & Dodge SE – Relocated to 70th & Dodge SW
62nd & Dodge SW – Use 66th & Dodge SW
49th & Dodge SW – Use 50th & Dodge SW or 48th & Dodge SW
Park & Douglas SW – Relocated to the southeast corner
24th & Douglas SE – Relocated east of current location
19th & Douglas SW – Relocated to 18th & Dodge SW

Stay up to date on ORBT construction by visiting this website.

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7/31/19 Update - Metro Transit now says the stops at 62nd and Dodge Streets as well as the one on Park Avenue and Dodge will not be relocated at this time.