NE GOP leaders respond to President Trump's call to stop counting ballots

Posted at 6:19 PM, Nov 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-06 19:19:15-05

OMAHA, Ne. (KMTV) — Tensions are high in some battleground states where the race is razor-thin and these heightened emotions are carried across the nation.

President Trump has repeatedly called for a stop in ballot counting claiming major problems with the system but offered no direct evidence of fraud.

His claims, along with ballots still being counted, has some on edge.

“It will be the true test of a leader to see if they can heal this country,” an Omaha resident said.

Nebraska GOP leaders are responding to the president’s claims, as well.

Congressman Don Bacon sent the following statement:

“Going forward, our guiding light must be to defend and enforce the constitution and uphold our rule of law. To support that, we must count all of the submitted legal votes; expand transparency and allow both sides to monito ballot-counting activity; respect the will of the voters; respect our legal processes to sort out disputes; hold accountable anyone who breaks the law, and be calm and respectful to each other.”

Senator Ben Sasse sent the following statement:

“We've got laws that must be followed, and I agree with Congressman Bacon: ‘we need to allow the election process to proceed with counting and certifying ballots while also allowing scrutiny by observers.'"UNO Political Professor Randall Adkins says once a winner is declared, the losing candidate may request a recount in certain states.

“The third thing that we are going to have to be prepared for, which is porbablly the really ugly part, is the litigation phase of the campaign,” Adkins said.