Non-profit to feed voters for free at several polling places on Election Day

Non-profit to feed voters for free at several polling places on Election Day
Posted at 1:34 PM, Sep 30, 2020

A non-profit organization announced its come up with a way to feed voters at several polling places across the nation for free on Election Day.

World Central Kitchen kicked off their initiative last week with the announcement of its #ChefsforthePolls.

They say people often cast their vote before work, during their lunch break, or after work, and those are the same time's people typically grab something to eat.

And with long lines at polling stations, that could be the difference between voting and not voting, so they want to help make it a convenient experience for voters.

"WCK and our partners are activating #ChefsForThePolls to serve nourishing meals on early voting days and Election Day," the organization said on its website. "We'll be stationed by polling locations around the country, targeting those with historically long lines, predicted massive turnouts, or limited facilities, sharing meals with anyone – no questions asked. If we can help alleviate the challenges of Election Day, we will be there."

The organization said it'll pair up with local food trucks and restaurants for the meals.

WCF said their effort has nothing to do with politics, and they "will feed people of all political parties and beliefs."

They would serve food in Miami, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Detroit, Phoenix, Chicago, Portland, and other major cities.

You can see the rest of the locations by clicking here.