In Plainview, superintendent on unpaid administrative leave

Board's decision follows controversial social media post
Posted at 5:50 PM, Feb 05, 2024
  • Plainview Public Schools Superintendent Darron Arlt is on unpaid administrative leave. This was a unanimous decision by the Board, 6-0.
  • Last week, Arlt posted on X about girls wrestling in Nebraska, saying it's "not ready for Prime Time," and added there's a lot of "crying" and "drama."
  • The Board's next regular meeting is February 12, 2024. Board members say they hope to share a plan then about how to best move the school forward.

Here's the full text of members' joint statement:
"We are aware of the social media post made by our superintendent, Darron Arlt, regarding state wrestling and the growth of girls wrestling in Nebraska. As the school board, we have taken the last few days to understand and assess things. We do not support or condone Superintendent Arlt’s statement. We are proud of Plainview’s girls wrestling team. It has been a great addition to our program offerings for students and is quickly growing across Nebraska. After speaking with Superintendent Arlt at length, we believe he is genuinely sorry about his statement.

We also recognize the quick removal of his post and apologizing, while appreciated and appropriate, is not enough. As of February 5th, Dr. Arlt has been placed on unpaid administrative leave from Plainview Public Schools as we continue to discuss our response as a school board. To his credit, Dr. Arlt has been forthright and understanding of the fact that we have higher expectations for him. We will not have any additional information to share until our regular board meeting on February 12. At that time, we hope to share our plan for how best to move our school forward."