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'20,000 Villagers' campaign strives to keep all OPS students warm this winter

Posted at 6:15 AM, Oct 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-27 07:15:50-04

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — One step outside this morning and you can tell it’s almost time to breakout the hats and gloves.

The Omaha Public Schools Foundation (OPSF) wants to make sure every student has that option.

OPSF was founded in 1984 with the purpose of working to provide students with the best opportunities through generous donations from the community.

This winter, they are calling on the community again.

Throughout the months of October and November, the foundation is fundraising money for its ‘20,000 Villagers’ campaign.

All of the money will go towards getting hats, scarves, and gloves for students in need.

In total there are around 53,000 students in the OPS system.

They are hoping to raise $100,000 to get winter gear for 20,000 students. Gear that makes it much more bearable for students to walk to school.

“Every single dollar counts, and everyone who feels compelled to help kids stay warm this winter, we really hope you will consider this opportunity,” OPSF Executive Director Toba Cohen-Dunning said. “The more kids that we can have some basic needs met, the greater chance of success in school.”

Cohen-Dunning says a $20 donation covers four students.

The last time the foundation did a similar campaign was in 2019. That fundraiser was called ‘10,000 Villagers’.

This year, the demand is higher and they want to do all that they can to fill that need.

“We know the need is greater,” Cohen-Dunning said. “There are still a lot of families who don’t have the resources to provide these items, and we want to make sure that every student has these.”

If you are interested in donating or learning more about the 20,000 Villagers campaign, click here.