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Anonymous Good Samaritan replaces statue stolen from grave at Bellevue Cemetery

Posted at 8:57 PM, May 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-16 22:12:34-04

A Bellevue family is thankful tonight after an anonymous Good Samaritan steps up to replace a statue stolen from the grave of a baby boy who passed away at just seven weeks old.

The Skillings family discovered the statue stolen on Mother's Day from the boy's graveside at Bellevue Cemetery.

The statue of a little boy playing baseball had great sentimental to the family. Brayden had passed away from Sudden Infant Death syndrome at seven weeks. 

Today - the family went visit Brayden and discovered a Good Samaritan had stepped up in an act of kindness. 

Someone replaced the missing statue and bolted it down so it can't be removed again.

The family says they are grateful for this blessing from a kind stranger.


Original Story: The Skillings family came here to Bellevue cemetery on Mother's Day to visit the little boys grave and were shocked to find a statue of a baseball player missing from his graveside.

Brayden Skillings passed away from sudden infant death syndrome in 2008, at only a few weeks old. 

His family returns to his graveside often to visit. There - they discovered their statue of a little boy in a baseball cap with a bat missing. It's of sentimental importance and Brayden's family hopes who ever took the statue has the heart to return it. 

The Bellevue Cemetery says staff did not remove the statue.

Since sharing about the vandalism on Facebook, several others have reached out to the Skillings family also saying they've had items stolen from graves at Bellevue cemetery.

The family says they would like to see increased security at the cemetery and the gates locked to prevent future vandalism.