Back to school for Council Bluffs students

Roosevelt Elementary gets a special treat
Posted at 12:30 PM, Aug 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-25 19:26:01-04

Council Bluffs Community Schools is the last district to start class in the metro Thursday morning.

At Roosevelt Elementary, students received a special welcome.

 “They want to see a bright smile on their face to try and brighten their day,” says Emmanuel Browne, a student at Iowa Western Community College student.

The college wrestler joined other student athletes to cheer and give high-fives to students as they made their way into Roosevelt.

“Kids need a good root. They need a good base and when you build that good base it starts here. It starts at elementary school,” Browne says.

The scene mirrored other campuses on the first day of school with children posing for back-to-school pictures next to the elementary sign and reuniting with friends from over the summer break .

For second grade student Shamar, 7, he looks forward to his favorite, and rather unusual, school subjects.

I like to do cartwheels and back flips, he says as he stands next to his older sister and mother before heading inside the school.

In between the “Hello’s” and “Goodbyes,”emotions ranged from the never-ending hug to readiness.

They shot out of bed which is highly unusual, says Shannon Heurman, Shamar’s mother.

 “[They’re] super excited to be at school to be back with their friends,” says another mother, Harmony Muncey. “The older is one is super excited get back to learning.