BPS urges community to support bond

Posted at 11:10 PM, Aug 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-17 00:51:55-04

The Bellevue Public School District wants millions of dollars in public money to improve schools.

But first they must convince voters they need to raise taxes to get the cash for the $76-million dollar bond.

Tuesday night at Bellevue University, school and community leaders explained why they need higher property taxes to pay for the school needs,

A couple dozen people showed up and asked questions about why the district needs

“We need figure out a way to meet the needs of our students and staff members in the school district,” said Bellevue Public Schools Superintendent Jeff Rippe.

Rippe said the bond money would pay for safety and technology upgrades, building maintenance like fixing crumbling roofs--and heating and air condition systems at schools throughout the district.

Because of a decrease in military students, Rippe says the district's funding plummeted after cuts in impact aid.

To get millions of dollars of federal funding, the school needs 35-perecnt of its students to be from military families.

Right now that number is about 30-percent.

The bond would cost taxpayers just $16.3 dollars more on a $100-thousand-dollar-home, every month.

at least one woman says the reason behind stalled growth is because of its transgender bathroom regulations.

The ballots will go out the week of August 24th and due by 5pm September 13th.

There is another meeting next Tuesday to discuss the same topic.