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Carey Dean Moore execution: Groups, politicians react

Posted at 1:40 PM, Aug 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-14 16:16:45-04

Tuesday morning the State of Nebraska executed Carey Dean Moore, causing strong reactions from both sides on social media. 

In addition to the public, local activist groups and politicians also released statements. 


"The 38-year-long journey to this execution further proves what we’ve been saying all along: The ACLU believes the death penalty in America is a broken process from start to finish and should be abolished nationwide. Governor Ricketts has carried out a lethal injection shrouded in secrecy. This execution of Carey Dean Moore does not comport with Nebraska’s proud tradition of open government. Today stands as the most recent dark chapter in Nebraska's troubled history with the death penalty. Nebraskans of goodwill have different beliefs about the death penalty, but it is troubling and curious why Governor Ricketts made the death penalty his signature issue. More states are turning away from capital punishment and our crisis-riddled corrections system in Nebraska remains severely overcrowded and under-resourced, fostering human rights violations and impacting our shared public safety goals."

Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson 




"Earlier today, the State of Nebraska carried out the death sentence ordered by the Nebraska Supreme Court. The Nebraska Department of Justice and the Department of Corrections have carried out the judicial system's final order. Our sympathy is extended to the families of Reuel Van Ness and Maynard Helgeland for the loss of their loved ones nearly 39 years ago. Today's somber even serves to provide a measure of closure for what has been a lengthy enactment of justice."

Nebraska Department of Corrections Director Scott Frakes 

“The execution of Carey Dean Moore (60) #32947, scheduled for 10 a.m. today, was carried out pursuant to the order issued by the Nebraska Supreme Court on July 12, 2018. The first of four substances was administered at 10:24 a.m. The Lancaster County coroner pronounced Moore’s time of death at 10:47 a.m. As the director of the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS), I am required to carry out the order of the court. This agency has done so with professionalism, respect for the process and with dignity for all involved. I recognize that today’s execution impacts many people on many levels, most certainly the families of Mr. Van Ness and Mr. Helgeland. In accordance with Neb. Rev. Stat. 83-970, Moore designated three people and one member of the clergy as witnesses to the execution. One family member was present, representing one of the victims. The six witness slots designated by the director were filled by four members of the Nebraska news media and two NDCS staff members. Moore’s body will be remanded to the custody of the Nebraska State Patrol. An autopsy will be conducted.”