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Chava the French Bulldog available for adoption after tough past in puppy mill

Posted at 8:28 AM, Sep 30, 2022

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — After living the first six years of her life in a small kennel, Chava the Frenchie is available for adoption after being released from a puppy mill.

She's currently in the care of a foster mom through Hands, Hearts & Paws, a foster home-based dog rescue in Omaha.

3 News Now Chief Meteorologist Mark Stitz visited Chava and her foster mom, Erin McComic, on Friday morning. See their interview above.

Read Chava's full profile from the Hands, Hearts & Paws website below.

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Meet Chava

Imagine living your whole 6 years of life in a kennel just big enough to sit down, turn around and stand up. Well, for Chava, that was her reality… until now! This energetic, inquisitive, loving Frenchie (DOB 7/5/16) is living her best life and not holding anything back since being released from the puppy mill. Since being in our rescue, Chava has finally received some much-needed medical care.

It’s very obvious that the breeder she came from cared more about making money from her babies than he/she did about providing her with proper vet care. By the time we received Chava, she was suffering from such horrific dry-eye that deep ulcers had formed on both eyes. We are in the process of treating the ulcers but she will need to be on eye drops/lube multiple times a day for the rest of her life. One of her eyes was removed two weeks ago.

Along with her eyes, her skin inside both her ears and on her nose was severely infected and has also been treated with the proper medication. Despite all her ailments, Chava has not let her past get in her way. She is enjoying her time in her foster home by playing with the other dogs and napping on the AC vent. She loves to follow her foster mom around the yard while she does yardwork and goes on car rides to pick up her foster skin siblings from school. Swimming pools, food and being a lap dog are her other joys in life.

We are working on house training but being a bulldog with no prior training her stubbornness is still prevailing. She is terrific in her kennel and will happily bring toys (and pretty much any item she finds and deems a toy) into her kennel to play with. Chava is a great girl who deserves a great home. Her merle skin coat is amazing but that is not what makes her special; it is her unconditional love she portrays to the people who love her most. We are asking that Chava’s forever home has either bulldog experience or at the least prior experience with dry-eye. If you are ready to laugh daily and think she is the dog for you then apply today!

Please visit for an adoption application.

All of our dogs are current on vaccinations, spayed/neutered, microchipped, fecal tested, heartworm tested, and they are all on heartworm and flea/tick preventative.

The adoption process is an application, a vet reference, a home visit, and a lifetime contract. The requested adoption donation for this dog is $500.

We do not REQUIRE a fenced-in yard (some dogs DO REQUIRE a fence. Decide what is best for each dog), we do REQUIRE a means of safe outside containment. We do NOT adopt to homes that use invisible fencing. Invisible fencing is NOT a safe means of outside containment.

We are willing to adopt out-of-state, contingent on our ability to complete a home visit, but you must travel to Omaha to complete the adoption. We do not transport or ship our dogs.

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