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CHI trauma coordinator offers tips on safety during Fall Prevention Week

Posted at 8:30 AM, Sep 22, 2022

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — It is fall prevention week — not the season, but the type of falls that can cause trauma.

Alicia Gentle, a trauma coordinator at CHI CUMC-Bergan, says that falls are the number one cause of trauma they see.

In the entire state, she says most falls they see are from people over the age of 65 and that they can be prevented.

Amanda Pounds was visiting her 71-year-old father who was at the hospital because of a fall Thursday morning.

She says they wouldn't have been there if he had he been using his assistant devices.

"I think a lot of elderly people don't want to lose that independence and they see those assisted devices as them losing mobility and independence, but that's not actually the case. Those devices and things are there to help you remain mobile and independent. He has two assisted devices he could use, a walker as well — he is stubborn so, no, he doesn't use them as he should," said Pounds.

Pounds says her father will be okay.

Gentle said she's so passionate about fall prevention because her grandfather had suffered a fall when tripping over a chord.

The trauma left him blind and had a huge impact on her grandmother and entire family.

Using assisted walking devices and being aware of your surroundings are massive tips to prevent traumatic falls.

Gentle also said to be sure you're picking up your feet when walking, take your time when switching from laying, sitting and standing, and do strengthening exercises like calf raises.

Both women say your loved ones may be stubborn to some of these tips, and it may take some tough love to get them to change their ways, but it's important to continue to encourage them to keep them safe.

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