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Bailey Boswell's mom: 'Please don't put her to death'

Prosecutors are asking for the death penalty
Posted at 11:05 AM, Jul 01, 2021

WILBER, Neb. (KMTV) — Bailey Boswell's sentencing hearing continued Thursday, with Boswell’s parents giving their daughter’s life story, and pleading with the judges to not sentence her to be executed.

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Boswell, who was convicted of murdering Sydney Loofe in 2017, could face the death penalty, which is what state prosecutors are pushing.

It was Boswell's defense team's turn to provide mitigating factors, and after the first day of the hearing, which consisted largely of graphic pictures of Loofe's dismembered body in order to prove the crime was particularly depraved, day two told Boswell's story.

"Please don’t put her to death,” said Priscilla Boswell, mother of Bailey Boswell.

Thursday was an emotional day in court. Members of Bailey Boswell’s family gave recorded interviews and Boswell was audibly emotional at times while wiping away tears in the courtroom.

Her parents and other family members spoke of her upbringing. Boswell's father was murdered when she was only one year old but she actually had a traditional and good childhood in rural Iowa with her mother and her stepfather, who adopted her.

“How did she go from a high school star athlete in Leon, Iowa,” said defense attorney Todd Lancaster. “To being involved with a man twice her age who is essentially a con man?”

Boswell’s life went south in college when she dated a man, named Freddy, who her parents say sexually and emotionally abused her as well as coerced her into giving illegal sexual acts for money.

“He was pimping her out,” said Priscilla Boswell.

She later met Aubrey Trail, a co-conspirator in the murder, who was also abusive.

Her mother, Priscilla said she never had a good feeling about him.

“I couldn’t really find anything nice to say, so it's better just to stay away,” said Trail.

The defense also put up Susan Michalski, an expert in domestic abuse who said abuse victims will often go from one bad relationship to another.

“Kind of a double whammy, because if their boundaries have been skewed or blurred, they don’t see this coming,” said Michalski.

The state was largely quiet but said that Boswell sought out Trail for money.

“What happens is Aubrey Trail becomes that sugar daddy that she wants,” said Doug Warner, Assistant Attorney General.

Boswell also has a young daughter, with whom she is still close. The defense said that alone is a mitigating factor, due to the effect the death penalty would have on her family.

“Bailey has a five-year-old daughter, Nola and you’ll hear information that she essentially talks with her or has contact with her almost daily,” said Lancaster.

Boswell's parents say she doesn’t deserve to be put to death, partially because of the little girl.

“It, it would be bad,” said Jeff Boswell, her adoptive father. “Cause I’d have to explain it.”

Boswell would be the first woman on Nebraska death row, which Boswell's attorney believes poses a problem; male death row inmates interact only with each other and the defense believes Boswell would be isolated in the women’s prison.

Corrections Director Scott Frakes told the three-judge panel that he does not yet know how Boswell would be housed and who she’d interact with. He said he'd have to draft a policy if Boswell was sentenced to death.

Late in the Thursday hearing, the defense also used Aubrey Trail’s statement at his death sentencing hearing, in which he denounced his past statements as lies and said it was his idea, he was the one that killed Loofe and dismembered her.

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Bailey Boswell sentencing hearing; graphic details from killing of Sydney Loofe reviewed in court