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Fraternal Order of Police condemns decision to move Pitzl case to juvenile court

FOP 'shocked, angry and disappointed'
Posted at 6:08 PM, Nov 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-29 19:52:47-05

The Fraternal Order of Police has strong words tonight about a judge's decision to move the case of a high school student who shot at deputies to juvenile court.

In a statement issued today, the union says they're "shocked, angry and disappointed" with Judge Marlon Polk's decision yesterday to move 17-year-old Tyler Pitzl's case to juvenile court.

Pitzl, accused of attacking his parents in a violent altercation and shooting at deputies who arrived at his home on Sept. 3, was seriously injured when deputies returned fire and shot him.

He was initially charged with attempted murder, assault and gun charges, which carry a possible maximum sentence of 220 years behind bars. Now, he'll be tried in juvenile court because he's a minor.

The Fraternal Order of Police argues Pitzl's intent was to kill the deputies and that he should face harsher penalties. They say the judge focused more on outside expert testimony than the evidence.

In court yesterday, a forensic psychiatrist testified saying a concussion from playing football, led to Pitzl's violent behavior. He diagnosed the high school student with a neuro-cognitive brain disorder caused by a traumatic brain injury. 

Pitzl's lawyer says Pitzl remembers nothing from the night of the alleged incident. He says that the judge's decision to move the case to juvenile court was fair, adding the judge was doing his job and following the law. 

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine is expected to appeal the decision.