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Police: 'Leads few and far between' in Ryan Larsen disappearance

Security cams may have captured images of Larsen
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Posted at 12:06 PM, Jun 01, 2021

LA VISTA, Neb. (KMTV) — On Tuesday, the La Vista Police Department provided an update on the search for Ryan Larsen. The department said Larsen was possibly spotted on surveillance footage from a La Vista business and spotted by a nearby resident shortly after on the day of his disappearance.

La Vista Police Chief Bob Lausten said that 80 law enforcement personnel from metro area agencies participated in a "forensics-type search" with "boots on the ground" for any evidence that might lead to Larsen's whereabouts.

"Leads have been few and far between," said Lausten.

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The first sighting of Larsen happened on Monday, May 17, the day he disappeared, when he was possibly captured on security footage by La Vista Keno. Lausten described the video footage as a shot between the KFC restaurant and La Vista Keno buildings. He said there is a figure wearing dark clothing, dancing or swinging around a pole. At one point, it appears that a police cruiser drives by and the person in the video seems to hide.

That security footage was captured at 1:40 pm the afternoon Larsen went missing. Shortly after, a resident at the nearby Southfield Apartments is said to have seen him. Larsen's mother and the La Vista Police Department believe that it is Ryan Larsen in the video. The police chief said that the video has been sent to the FBI for further analysis.

He also said that officers with the police department were looking for Larsen as soon as they received the call that he was missing and that they would have been in the area when the possible image of Ryan was captured. He said that many of the officers knew the boy who had a history of running and hiding.

The La Vista Police Department said search efforts carried out today focused extensively on the “area north of Harrison Street between approximately 78th and 84th Streets to concentrate on the area near Ryan’s home and where he was last seen.”

“Our community is very strong. They’re taking this very personally," said Lausten. “We’re all feeling the pain of this.”

Cadaver dogs got 'hits' at the Walnut Creek Recreation Area, according to the police chief. This Saturday one of the dogs responded again to the same area, but the terrain has made it a difficult place to search.

“There’s something in Walnut Creek,” said Lausten.

He also said that considering it's been two weeks since Larsen went missing, the news might not be good.

“If he’s out there alone it could very well be a recovery effort,” Lausten said.

There is no evidence at this point of an abduction or criminal intent, said Lausten.


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