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Bellevue police hold press conference on double fatal shooting; victim information released

Posted at 7:24 PM, Nov 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-23 18:04:21-05

The Bellevue Police Department (BPD) held a press conference regarding a double fatal shooting at Sonic on Saturday night.

According to Lt. Andy Jashinke there were five victims, all of whom were employees of the Sonic restaurant where the shooting took place on Saturday evening. Nathan Pastrana, 22, and Ryan Helbert, 28, were declared deceased at the scene. Two other victims were transported to the University of Nebraska Medical Center as a "Code 3," which Jashinske described as being in critical or near critical condition. The injured victims were identified as 18-year-old Zoey Reese Atalig Lujan and 25-year-old Kenneth Germer. A fifth victim had minor injuries. No officers were injured.

The police also released body camera footage from its response showing the suspect, 23-year-old Roberto C. Silva Jr., being arrested at the scene.

Jashinske offered condolences to the loved ones of the deceased and prayers and thoughts for those who were injured. Officials attending the Sunday night press conference included Bellevue Mayor Rusty Hike; Special Agent in Charge Gene Cowell from the Omaha FBI bureau; Bellevue Police Chief Kenneth Clary; Bonnie Moore from the Sarpy County Attorney's office; Jim Ristow, Bellevue city administrator; and Detective Sgt. Dustin Franks and Captain Tom Dargy of BPD.

The investigation is in its infancy and BPD said it will release information as available as long as it does not impact the integrity of the investigation.


BPD officers first had contact with the suspect on Wednesday night, Nov. 18 when an out-of-state caller reported that they believed their Sonic app was being used fraudulently at the Bellevue Sonic where the suspect allegedly spent $57. A restaurant employee contacted police about the call.

An officer in the area saw the suspect's vehicle driving away and placed him under arrest. He was charged with identity theft, less than $500.

The suspect possesses a Nebraska Conceal and Carry permit. Police officers located three guns inside the vehicle during the traffic stop on Nov. 18. He was taken to jail, the guns were impounded as evidence and remain with BPD.

Saturday, Nov. 21 at 9:23 p.m. the first call was received by police dispatch. The caller reported a U-Haul truck that was on fire. The caller described seeing suspicious items such as wires and tubes sticking out of the back of the truck.

At 9:24 p.m. a call reported shots fired in the area.

First police unit arrived at 9:26 p.m.

By 9:27, the first description of the suspect came though as a male, approximately 6'6" with a large build an of an unknown race.

At 9:31 officers reported that they believed they'd located the suspect.

At 9:39 the police officers on the scene confirmed they had the suspect in custody.

Officers on the west side of Sonic apprehended the suspect. At team of officers on the east side observed victims inside the restaurant and preformed first aid immediately on three victims. Two of those individuals were declared deceased at the scene. A fourth victim was later located. Two were transported to Nebraska Medical Center and a fifth had minor injuries and declined treatment.

Ongoing investigation

The presence of the U-Haul truck is being investigated. Police believe it was brought there by the suspect and confirmed that it was in flames and was burned up.

Officers located at total of four firearms on the scene.

The suspect was not armed when he was arrested. He complied with officers orders and did not resist arrest.

Police said there were customers outside the restaurant and do not believe any were injured.

Court records show Silva was arrested and charged with identity theft under $500 on 11/18 after he allegedly bought $57 worth of food at the same Sonic using someone else's Sonic app.

Members of the public are asked to report any information regarding the shooting and the alleged shooter to the Bellevue Police Department.

Watch the full press conference below or on our Facebook page.