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Local unions join Kellogg's workers on the picket line

Posted at 7:09 AM, Oct 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-14 13:28:21-04

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — Kellogg's workers have been on strike for eight days, and in Omaha, the local labor union community is coming together to stand with them on the picket line.

Around 1,400 workers across the country walked out last Tuesday when the company and the union failed to come to an agreement.

On Wednesday, members of several local labors unions came together for a rally outside the plant.

Sue Martin, president of the Nebraska AFL-CIO, says they are standing with the workers who have continued to work throughout the past year and a half.

“Throughout the pandemic, these have been essential employees, coming to work every single day because of the labor shortage in the state of Nebraska," Martin said.

Martin and other labor leaders are demanding Kellogg's return to the negotiations table.

“Be fair with these employees and give them a good contract," Martin said. "Come back to the table and give them a good contract.”

Terry Moore, president emeritus of the Omaha AFL-CIO, was a worker at the Kellogg's plant several years ago and was part of past negotiations with the company.

He feels Kellogg's has been trying for several years to break the BCTGM Local 50G Union that represents the workers. He says this is their latest step toward that goal.

“They’re using the attitude, 'our way or the highway,' its as simple as that," Moore said. "And that’s wrong. That’s negotiating in bad faith.”

The unions say they are stronger together, and this strike is part of something bigger. Dan Osborn, president of BCTGM Local 50G Union, points to possible strikes of filmmakers and workers atJohn Deere facilities.

“People are finally drawing a line in the sand with corporate greed," Osborn said.

The local workers are preparing for their next step, which Osborn says will be picketing outside of local grocery stores.

He says the picketers will stay on public sidewalks and be respectful to shoppers, but they want to keep their mission at the forefront of the public.

“We want to get out word out and know when they go into the grocery store, that they have a decision to make," Osborn said.

Seventeen Nebraska state senators issued a letter in support of those on strike:




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