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Mayor's office - New pothole repair report

Posted at 5:13 PM, Apr 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-05 18:13:41-04

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — As promised, Mayor Jean Stothert's office has provided their weekly update on pothole repairs in Omaha. In it, they've also named roads that they say were made a priority from March 29-April 4. Stothert's office says pothole reports are down across the area.

It total, they city says 7,445 potholes have been patched and that 5,772 were reported. They do say that the latter number may include potholes which were previously reported so the figure isn't exact. The number repaired is also an estimate based on the amount of asphalt that was used.

The previous report said 5,500 potholes were repaired and that 7,407 had been reported.

The list of roads that have been prioritized are:

Bedford Ave: 30th To John Creighton

Blackwell Drive: Stony Brook To Q

Blair High Road

California: 98th To 102nd

Center: 32nd To 36th

Center: 42nd To 84th

Farnam Street: 8th To 10th

Farnam Street: 120th To Burke Blvd

Fontenelle Blvd: Radial Highway To Ames

Fort Street: Fontenelle To 52nd

Grover: 60th To 72nd

Happy Hollow Blvd

Indian Hills: 84th To 90th

F Street: 132nd To 138th

Jackson Street: 16th To 19th

L Street: 42nd To 60th

Maple: 45th To 52nd

Mercy Road: 67th To 78th

Military: 99th To 108th

Missouri Avenue: 13th Το 20th

Pacific Street: 72nd Το Beverly Drive

Pacific Street: 153rd Το Βοb Boozer

Pacific Street: Βοb Boozer Το Applied Parkway

Pacific Street: Applied Parkway Το 156th

Park Ave: Leavenworth Το Woolworth

Riverfront Drive

Rose Blumkin Drive

Roundup Road/Skyline Pass

Q Street: 36th To 38th

Saddle Creek: Dodge Το Leavenworth

St. Mary's Avenue Αt 25th

Storz Expressway

Sorensen Parkway

West Dodge Frontage Road-West of 156th

West Maple Road: 144th Το 204th

Western: 52nd Το 84th

13th Street: Vinton Το Interstate 80

20th Street: Burt Το Cass

22nd Street: Locus Το Pinkney

24th Street: Martha Το Vinton

24th Street Franklin Το Cuming

30th Street: Lake Το Cuming

30th Street: Cumlng Το Chlcago

36th Street: Leavenworth To Center

40th Street: Leavenworth To Marcy

42nd & Fontenelle

42nd Street: Fontenelle To Redman

42nd Street: Sorensen To Newport

45th Street: Leavenworth To Center

52nd Street: Miami To Ames

52nd Street: Western To Dodge

60th Street: Laurel To Browne

60th Street: Maple To Corby

69th Street: Western To Dodge

72nd Street: Mercy To F

72nd Street: Sorensen To Ames

72nd Street: Interstate 680 To Lake Cunningham Drive

78th Street: Blair High To Crown Point

90th Street: Fort To Maplewood

90th Street: Indian Hills To Pacific

90th Street: Maplewood To Blair High

120th Street: Center To L

132nd Street: Dodge To Maple

138th Street: Q To Harrison

144th Street: Industrial To Q

157th & Pacific

168th Street: H To Center

168th Street: Pacific To Harrison

180th Street At Frances

180th Street At Shadow Ridge Drive