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Nebraska car seat law changes causing concern

Posted at 5:47 PM, Apr 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-06 01:36:18-04

A new car seat law that will go into effect in January 2019 has generated a lot of buzz, and concern. 

Once in effect, children younger than 2 years old will have to ride in rear facing car seats and children younger than 8 years old have to sit in booster seats.

Some parents have their concerns.

"Their legs, even when they are in their regular baby seat, their legs start to grow over and you're already ready to face them the opposite way," said Vanelle Littrell.

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Littrel says her 30 minute morning commute may be uncomfortable for her one year old.

"Just thinking about the car seat being faced the opposite way and still trying to keep her entertained where she cant see me, that's going to be a challenge," said Littrell.

Considering a toddlers short attention span, some parents say the new law will cause issues for them as they try to drive.

"One year old is when they want to jump out and see mom and dad," said Kennetta Farmer.

"They are very observant, they want to see what's going on," said Josh Littrell.

A lot of 3 News Now's Facebook followers spoke their mind about the new law. A few representative comments included: 

  • "Such a good thing, the car seat laws were so vague, so happy they are changing it."
  • "It's important to do what we can as parents to ensure our precious cargos are safe as possible."
  • "Thanks government for again coming into my life and telling me how to raise my children."

The Nebraska Safety Council says even those traveling from out of state must follow the law. 

"I just want my baby to be comfortable," said Littrell.

There are exceptions. For example:

  • Children do not have to sit in rear facing seats if they are larger than the manufacturers maximum allowable height and weight.
  • Children ages 2-8 are exempt if they have a doctor's note saying they should not be in a booster seat due to their weight, physical condition or other medical reason.