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Officers direct traffic outside Millard North

Posted: 1:25 PM, Apr 27, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-27 16:55:39-04
Officers direct traffic outside Millard North

All the construction and thousands of cars have caused big headaches and safety concerns for people that have to pass through 144th and Pacific streets outside Millard North High School, where there are lane restrictions in every direction and roadwork being done on all of the right turn lanes. 

The South Farm development is under construction.

For the remainder of the school year, OPD will have three officers plus the school's resource officer to help get people in and out of the area safely and quickly in the morning and afternoon. They'll be stationed at both entrances and 144th and Pacific.

The city estimates 60,000 cars pass the intersection every day. Police say this morning went better compared to Thursday.

"The best advice we could give you is if you don't need to be in the area and you just need to get through this is not the intersection to get through it's high volume, high traffic with the school at certain hours," said Sgt. Anthony Gutierrez, with the Omaha Police Department.

Police say they've had to make adjustments with things they didn't anticipate but have corrected them.

An email from Millard North High School Principal Brian Begley explained the changes:

  • For the remainder of the school year, four OPD officers including Millard North Security Resource Officer Martinez will be stationed at 3 locations on/near campus:
    1. Northeast entrance
    2. Intersection of 144th and Pacific streets
    3. South entrance
  • The objective will be to enter/exit traffic to and from Millard North's campus as safely and as quickly as possible. Please abide by all OPD directives accordingly.
  • For the remainder of the school year, the south entrance will be open in the morning for eastbound Pacific Street vehicles. The objective will be to enter as many left-hand turning vehicles safely onto the campus at arrival time. Even with the added benefit of the opening of the Pacific Street entrance, students/parents need to allow extra time to arrive at school.
  • For the remainder of the school year, the south gate on campus will be open to allow cars to exit the Millard parking lot.
  • Students/parents are directed to proceed with deliberate speed when exiting the campus while also yielding to pedestrians for the sake of safety as needed.
  • Students/parents are directed to pull forward as far as possible when picking up students in the main driveway near the flag pole.
  • Parents are directed to park their vehicles in parking stalls in the east lot (senior/open campus lot) while awaiting their students after school. Avoiding parking in the driveways will help with improving flow and avoiding congestion in this area.
  • Cones will be placed on the east side of the main lot at dismissal time as we attempt to get as many vehicles heading west in the main lot to use the south/Pacific Street exit.
  • Students are encouraged to park strategically in Millard North parking lots for ease of exiting at the end of the school day.