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Omaha golfer plays every 18-hole golf course in Nebraska

Posted at 6:22 PM, Jul 28, 2021

CARTER LAKE, Iowa (KMTV) — One of the great things about golf is that you can play for almost your entire life. That has been the case for Marty Meysenburg of Omaha.

Wednesday, he played at the Shoreline Golf Course in Carter Lake, Iowa. But in Nebraska, he's done it all.

"They've all been cheering for me," Meysenburg said.

He’s talking about his friends and family, who have been cheering for him to reach a goal that he set about 15 years ago. The goal sparked after he saw in the paper a list of all the 18-hole golf courses in the Cornhusker state.

"I just thought that I'd already accomplished a lot, which I didn't even realize,” Meysenburg said. “I had already done 52 out of the 92 courses in the state of Nebraska. I go, 'Woah, that's not that far. I'm already over half.'"

So, the quest began.

Meysenburg finished his final course, the Sandhills Golf Club in Mullen, a couple of weeks ago. The top-ranked course in Nebraska and top ten in the country.

A 1,656-hole journey complete that really started when Marty and his wife Noreen got married.

"52 years, going through all kinds of things that happened in life,” Noreen said. “Kids, and jobs, and all of that."

He can't thank his wife, and all his family and friends that played with him along the way, enough.

Marty and Noreen have truly enjoyed the full ‘Good Life State’ experience.

"Going to these small towns and just enjoying the trip,” Marty said. “Find a good restaurant in these towns and support them and just see what the courses are like."

"I-80 has become our friend, right?” Noreen said. “You go all the way down I-80 and go north or south of it, but on this golf journey we have seen some incredible places."

The two, along with Noreen's sister and her husband, purchased the Nebraska Golf Passport. Allowing them to play at several country clubs that aren't typically open to the public.

"Playing these courses is special because not everyone gets to play them,” Marty said. “That's what I love about playing with my wife and going to these places."

With one goal complete, what's next?

"To play a top ten course in every state in the United States," Marty said.

Marty has already been able to cross off 17 of those states. Noreen says Alaska might be a challenge, but they definitely aren’t ruling it out.