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Parents pull 4-year-old from Happy Faces day care after injury

Form sent home said "no treatment necessary"
Posted at 8:13 PM, Nov 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-06 21:15:14-05

A family pulled their 4-year-old from a south Omaha day care after their son was sent home with a bloody lip and loose front teeth after tripping and falling.

The family said they were never contacted by the day care about the emergency and it would be nearly an hour and a half before family found out.

Angela Jordan said she went to pick up 4-year-old Tyson at Happy Faces Child Development Center last Thursday and found her son with a bloody mouth.

Daycare instructors told Jordan that Tyson was running inside the daycare and slipped, hitting his front teeth on the tile floor.

The incident report details: "He fell on his face and busted his lip." The form has a checkmark in the box next to "No treatment necessary."

But on the way to the emergency room, Tyson tells a different story, saying the floor was wet after his teacher mopped.

The Jordans took Tyson to the ER and a trauma dentist who said the tissue connecting the child's lip to gums was split and several of his tooth are loose.

If his teeth don't settle within the next week, several could need to be pulled.

The Jordans say the Director of Happy Faces Child Development Center apologized the next day. It's unclear whether any of the instructors will be reprimanded or if policies will change.

We reached out to the child-care center several times and our calls for comment have not been returned.