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Reminder: May is high tick season in Nebraska

Posted at 10:39 AM, Apr 27, 2018

As Nebraska heads into the height of tick activity, many are already encountering the bugs in the Omaha metro.

According to the University of Nebraska Extension, May and June are the highest months of tick activity. With warm weather coming our way over the weekend, many will be spending more time outdoors than in recent weeks and may come into contact with a tick.

Nebraska has two common ticks: the American Dog tick, which is found in grass and along sidewalks or trails with little to no tree cover, and the Lone Star tick, which can cause a red meat allergy among other complications.

May through August poses the biggest risk for tick-borne diseases.

Experts recommend keeping your skin covered with pants and long socks, and checking yourself and your clothes for ticks before heading back into your home.