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Gov. vetoes bill which would help counties pay settlements

Nebraska Unicameral
Posted at 4:36 PM, Apr 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-24 18:12:08-04

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — Last week, Nebraska lawmakers passed a bill which would allow county lawmakers to raise taxes if there was "a judgment that is rendered against a county by a federal court for a violation of federal law." Today, Governor Pete Ricketts returned the bill to the Legislature with a veto letter, linking it to Gage County and the Beatrice Six settlement.

LB 472, or the Qualified Judgment Payment Act, would allow county board members to impose a tax increase if 2/3 of the members voted in favor of doing so.

Recently, Ricketts submitted testimony against another bill which he says would be the largest tax increase in Nebraska's history...and he's following suit on this one as well:

“Traditionally, the Legislature has not authorized political subdivisions to impose new taxes on Nebraskans without a vote of the people,” said Governor Ricketts. “In Nebraska, we trust the people to make political decisions on a myriad of issues. These include referenda on the death penalty and Medicaid expansion. Despite the claims by supporters of LB 472 to the contrary, I believe the people can be counted on to do the right thing.”

The bill had previously been endorsed by Gage County representatives where it would help them make payments to the Beatrice Six, a group of people who successfully sued the county for wrongful murder convictions.

Ricketts is urging the Nebraska Unicameral to uphold his veto.

You can read his full reply here: Ricketts LB 472 Veto Letter

You can read the full bill here: LB 472