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Shop the Heartland: Wander Puzzle Company

Posted at 9:49 AM, Mar 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-29 12:44:57-04

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — A Metro woman has committed her entire life to uplifting women. She has worked around the world tackling issues from international development to public health. Now, she's incorporating her life's work with her life-long hobby one puzzle piece at a time.

"I feel a sense of safety and a sense of calm from puzzling,' Lindsey explained.

Each puzzle piece brings her peace.

"Most of the problems that we solve, you can go left or you can right, you know. There's options. But with puzzles, there's only one solution," she said. "There's a sense of clarity and focus that comes and I just crave it."

Lindsey loves puzzles so much she created her own puzzle company. Wander Puzzle Company launched in January 2020.

"When I first made an order for puzzles, I was terrified. I've never owned a business before in my life," Lindsey recalled.

Three months later, COVID-19 entered the world.

It had an immediate impact on her new business.

"I started to get messages from people. 'I need these puzzles right away. I feel so anxious. I have terrible anxiety,'" Lindsey remembered. "So the puzzle sales started to go absolutely crazy and in a matter of weeks I was sold out."

Since then, Lindsey has produced 10 different puzzle designs and sold more than 15,000 puzzles.

"And we set up shop in Europe so now it's a bonafide international business in just 15 months," she shared.

A business that's succeeding thanks to amazing artwork by some talented women.

"All the artists are from Brazil to Turkey and actually we're adding someone from Australia later this week," Lindsey revealed.

The images on the puzzles are all created by international female artists who have their own inspiring stories.

These aren't your grandmother's puzzles. Lindsey calls them modern, feminine designs. The puzzle titled "The Movement" is Wander Puzzle Company's number one seller. It's filled with messages of unity and love.

"I love seeing the moms write in and say this is for you daughter, go get 'em. You're the next generation, you know...girl power. I love that. So I feel really lucky to be on this side to create what I think is inspirational for women," Lindsey shared.

Every Wander puzzle has the same tone: it's uplifting, diverse, colorful and all about women.

"Whether it's sisterly or whether it's friendship or activities, there are things I feel resonate with other women and they inspire other women," she said with a smile.

The reviews are positive.

"This is my first Wander puzzle, but it won't be last. The artwork is beautiful and memorable. The hardest choice is whether to glue it and frame it or to rework it again," she read.

As for the creator, she's grateful.

"The first two artists that took a chance on me and said sure we'll make a puzzle with you. I love them. There's a very special soft place in my heart for them because a lot of people turned me away," she admitted.

All the pieces to her puzzle profession are coming together.

Lindsey's three new puzzle designs will be released this week.

If you'd like to see her puzzles for yourself, place an order, learn more about the amazing artists or see how Wander Puzzle Co. is giving back to youth and women-led enterprises in Africa, go to

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