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Snowplow tracking system added to city's website

App uses GPS to update cleared, working areas
Posted at 6:20 PM, Feb 22, 2018

The city of Omaha showed off its new high-tech tool designed to keep track of where snowplows are clearing the streets.

City engineers introduced the DOGUS, GPS mapping system, which will allow users to track the plows in real-time via the city's website

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Clear areas are blue; plows are working in red areas; and gray marks areas that have not been touched.

"Look at the status, and know maybe if you want to change your route, if there is an area you don't typically go through but you see that its cleared off," said Austin Roswer, Omaha’s street maintenance engineer. “That's one way you could go about it or just have an understanding of expectations."

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Arrows on the map represent city plows. Keep in mind that the city uses private contractors to plow residential streets, so it might take a bit longer for the map to update residential streets because they have to be inspected first.