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Students, family reeling after 2nd grader's death

Posted at 10:12 PM, Apr 10, 2018

A burial service was held Tuesday for an Omaha Public Schools second grade student who died after he was hit by a school bus.

Police say Haji Mohamed darted in front of a bus as it was driving away from a bus stop.

Friends and family turned out for his burial. Judy Lee-Jackson, a longtime family friend, says Haji was a headstrong little boy.

"He was a self-willed little boy," Lee-Jackson said. "Head strong, determined."

Haji's mother, Amina Khamis, said Tuesday she has forgiven all involved.

"I can't blame anyone, because if I blame someone, it's kind of like I need to set my son's soul free," Khamis said. "In order for him to go free is to let it go not to blame anyone; it's not his fault or the bus driver."