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What's going into the former Mark's restaurant building in Dundee?

Posted at 6:58 PM, Oct 24, 2023

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — In a foodie town like Omaha, it’s a bummer when a popular restaurant closes. One of those well-loved spots is Mark’s in Dundee.

“This is probably the premier building up and down in the Dundee Underwood business district,” said Mark’s Co-founder Molly Romero.

Mark’s opened in 2003 and closed last year — another casualty of the pandemic.

“We sold the building and we knew at that time what it was going to be but we signed an agreement to keep it to ourselves,” said Romero.

Now, she can talk about it. So can Tim Steinbach, the executive director of Ooh De Lally, the nonprofit restaurant moving into the Mark’s building.

“Our mission statement is to create community of second chances, familiar faces and great food,” said Steinbach.

Ooh De Lally is named after the rallying cry of Robin Hood’s Merry Men in the Disney movie. He says that’s because it is a call to action.

Partnering with MCC’s 180 RAP program, it will help formerly incarcerated people develop job skills.

“People coming out of incarceration face a lot of barriers and a lot of stigma as well. What we’re looking for are people that have made the change in their life,” said Steinbach.

The folks trained through the MCC program can also earn college credit while working. Additionally, the restaurant will also employ professional staff.

“We’re trying to get them specific restaurant education and we’re trying to do it in a very friendly specific Dundee neighborhood,” said Steinbach.

He also says it’s a win-win: There’s a need for restaurant workers in the community, and taking college classes has been shown to reduce the chances of people returning to prison.

Ooh De Lally, Steinbach hopes, will open in mid-January. For more information visit:

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