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Decorated Central High JROTC cadet receives national recognition for his academic, military achievements

Posted at 6:45 PM, Oct 24, 2023

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — Omaha Central High School is loaded with history. That history extends to the Central High Eagle Battalion.

“We’re the second oldest JROTC organization in the country,” Senior Army Instructor Maj. Ryan Cripps told us.

130 years old to be exact, and still going strong with more than 160 cadets – making it the largest JROTC program in the state.

One of those cadets is getting national recognition for his achievements.

Alex (which translates to Sasha in Russian) Krasnoslobodtsev explained the several medals hanging from his jacket.

“This one is the Superior Cadet; it’s awarded to one cadet every year. This is the American Veterans Medal; leadership in and out of the classroom. This last one here is the Sons of the American Revolution — also leadership.”

All impressive, but his newest addition, the Legion of Valor Bronze Cross for Achievement, is his greatest achievement yet.

“This year only two got selected from the entire brigade out of ten states, and he’s one of them,” said Cripps. “Then it goes to this board that is made up of all Medal of Honor recipients. This year, they only chose 25 nationally, so he’s one of 25 nationally who received this award so that’s a big deal.”

Once you hear about Alex's accomplishments – it's not as difficult to see why he was selected out of hundreds of thousands of cadets.

“Calc 3, AP Physics, AP Lit, JROTC Drill Team Commander and Battalion Commander, golf as a sport, Jazz Band this year as a pianist, and the past three years I was in orchestra as a violin player,” the high school senior listed.

Cripps added, “You know, he didn’t mention he’s also a karate instructor outside of school, so another thing he does.”

He also didn’t mention the 34 he scored on the ACT.

“None of this would’ve been possible without what Central has brought me, what Major has brought me, JROTC, just everything here in general,” Alex credits.

“When he arrived to my program, I knew he was something special,” said Cripps. “He became my Drill Commander within two-and-a-half weeks, which is insane. To be able to pick that routine up and be able to command it, I mean, that’s hard to do. Now he’s leading us to Nationals which is awesome.”

It’s the first time they’re going to Nationals in more than 25 years.

Alex has enjoyed all the success but says the experience is what has shaped him into the person he has become.

“JROTC has gotten me involved in the community — that’s the main thing. So, I’ve got a sense of service, I want to serve.”

Still plenty left for Alex to accomplish at Central High, but he is already setting the groundwork for what’s next.

“I've already applied to the Air Force and Naval Academies, so that’s where I really want to go and this award, the Legion of Valor, is really going to help me get there.”

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