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Parent University partners with parents to educate the whole family

The educational program is open to all families needing assistance
Posted at 6:58 PM, Oct 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-29 11:52:24-04

OMAHA, Neb. — Some assignments are as simple as reading a book out loud to kids. Then they use that story to show parents how to expand learning.

"We have vocabulary, extension activities, where they are making words and they are learning about shapes. They already told us it was a triangle, then they actually make a hat in the triangle shape and take it with them," said Debra Paris a Library Specialist with Omaha Public Library.

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Sunshine Melendez says she has been coming for years and the education is invaluable.

"Learning how to deal with everything; being a parent our hands are full sometimes. They teach us how to deal with the different aspects of having a busy life as a mother and as a family and with potty moments," she said.

The skills that they give parents to take with them are to implement at home and in all areas of their lives, making sure their child receives a well-rounded education.

"If you need help navigating through the school system or anything, we want to partner with you. This is a partnership, it's not about us telling you what is best for your family, it is about you deciding and us helping you navigate," said Tameshia Harris, Director of Parent University.

Along with partnering with the Omaha Public Library, it also partners with local schools. Workers say this relationship made them even more aware of the additional support parents need.

When parents come to the Prime Time class, along with feeding the kids creative spirit, they give them dinner. Childcare is available for kids not enrolled as part of the program.

"Learning how to communicate with the different ages that I have, the learning experience as a mother, because not only do we experience things for the children but we also experience things for ourselves," added Melendez.

Classes are offered in the evening and on weekends to accommodate all families. They say they are always looking for more parents with whom they can partner.

Parent University is a part of the Learning Community Center of North Omaha and a partnership with Project Harmony Child Advocacy Center.


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