Shelters filling up as displaced residents flee to Nassau after Hurricane Dorian

Posted at 10:02 AM, Sep 12, 2019

FREEPORT, Bahamas — More than a week after Hurricane Dorian hit islands in the the Bahamas, the damage is still eye-opening.

Reporters for Scripps National took a 30-minute flight from Nassau to Freeport Thursday morning on a commercial airline.

Many of Western Air’s buildings are heavily damaged in Freeport, but the airline is providing service. Seats on the inbound flights have aid-workers.

The outbound flights to Nassau have many displaced residents.

Debris at the airport in Freeport is piling up.

Cell phone service is operating in places in Freeport.

Shelters in Nassau

The number of displaced residents is growing in Nassau, where damage from the hurricane is not extreme.

Media reports say shelter organizers there claim the shelters are reaching maximum capacity.

Aid workers are beginning mass-cooking kitchens in Nassau as the number of displaced residents from hard-hit islands grows in the city.

The government of the Bahamas says more than 4,800 people have been evacuated from regions of the Bahamas where destruction is most widespread.