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Video: Airport in Bahamas completely underwater as Hurricane Dorian hovers

Posted at 9:19 AM, Sep 03, 2019

An international airport on the Bahamas' northernmost island was completely underwater on Monday following heavy rain from Hurricane Dorian.

Vision shot by Bahamas Member of Parliament Iram Lewis showed a current of water passing the flooded Grand Bahama International Airport.

"It's very dangerous hurricane as you can see, the wind is pounding, we're still pretty much in harm's way," Lewis says. "We're getting a lot of distress calls. Persons needing rescued, needing to be rescued, but we cannot get to them right now, so we ask persons on higher ground to just hold their positions as best as they can. Find the highest place in their homes, because as it is right now, there's very little the rescue teams can do and if you look, the wind is gusting at about (indistinct) miles an hour, it's just terrible. I am on higher ground. I wish there were more here with me, but of course, it is extremely dangerous. I have never seen anything like this before in my entire life."

In another social media post, Lewis said the nation would need "a lot of support" after the Hurricane passes.

Lewis added that news and information was "limited."

Dorian weakened to a Category 3 hurricane on Tuesday morning as it continued to batter the Bahamas.

"I pray that God is doing, what only God can, by extending his grace and mercy and by saving lives," Lewis says. "We don't mind the properties, we're just hope that lives will be saved. But as you can tell, we are going to need a lot, a lot of support, after this hurricane is over. And as it is right now we don't even know... we cannot get a weather report, because the television is off. News, information is very limited."

The system recorded winds of 185 miles per hour (295 kilometres per hour) when it made landfall on Abaco Island on Sunday.