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Frost hopes Husker Power can return Nebraska into national power

Posted at 7:39 PM, Jul 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-25 20:39:45-04

CHICAGO, Ill. (KMTV) Scott Frost hopes Husker Power can help Nebraska return to a national power in college football. Several NU players made giant gains in the weight room this offseason. 

Defensive lineman Carlos Davis put on 30 puts going from 295 last year to now weighing 325, according to the 2018 Nebraska football media guide. Fellow defensive lineman Ben Stille has added 35 pounds from last year going from 255 in 2017 to now tipping the scales at 290. 

The Huskers have also seen big gains along the offensive line. Senior Jerald Foster has gone from 310 pounds to 335, while Brendan Jaimes now weighs 300 after being 280 last year. 

"Nebraska is 'Pipeline U'," Frost said on Monday in Chicago. "Nobody had better offensive lines for 20 years than Nebraska had. A lot of them were Midwest kids. They're still there. We got them and put them in strength and conditioning programs and by the time they hit the field, they looked like grown men. That hasn't existed at Nebraska for a while. It's not an overnight change. You have to rebuild the pipeline but we got the right guy in Greg Austin, the right strength coach in Zach Duval to make all that happen."

The Huskers open the Scott Frost era on September 1 at home against Akron.