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Nebraska football announces Big Ten schedule for 2022-2025

Nebraska football announces Big Ten schedule for 2022-2025
Posted at 2:17 PM, Aug 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-29 20:29:05-04

The Nebraska football team announced its Big Ten conference schedule from 2022 through 2025. The most notable item is the Huskers will consistently play Iowa on Black Friday during that time period. 

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Here are the Huskers' schedules: 

Nebraska 2022-25 Big Ten Schedules


Sept. 24                at Rutgers

Oct. 1                    Indiana

Oct. 8                    at Northwestern

Oct. 15                  at Michigan

Oct. 22                  Minnesota

Nov. 5                   at Wisconsin

Nov. 12                 Purdue

Nov. 19                 Illinois

Nov. 25 (Fri.)      at Iowa

Note: Nebraska has completed its 2022 non-conference schedule that includes home games against North Dakota (Sept. 3), Georgia Southern (Sept. 10) and Oklahoma (Sept. 17).



Sept. 2                  at Minnesota

Sept. 30                Northwestern

Oct. 7                    at Illinois

Oct. 14                  Michigan

Oct. 21                  Wisconsin

Nov. 4                   at Purdue

Nov. 11                 Maryland

Nov. 18                 at Michigan State

Nov. 24 (Fri.)      Iowa

Note: Nebraska non-conference games in 2023 scheduled at Colorado (Sept. 9) and at home against Northern Illinois (Sept. 16), with one remaining non-conference game to be scheduled. 



Sept. 21                Minnesota

Sept. 28                at Northwestern

Oct. 5                    at Michigan

Oct. 12                  Ohio State

Oct. 26                  at Penn State

Nov. 9                   Illinois

Nov. 16                 at Wisconsin

Nov. 23                 Purdue

Nov. 29 (Fri.)      at Iowa

Note: Nebraska non-conference games in 2024 scheduled against South Dakota (Aug. 31) and Colorado (Sept. 7), with one remaining non-conference game to be scheduled.  



Aug. 30                 at Illinois

Sept. 27                Michigan

Oct. 4                    Wisconsin

Oct. 11                  Northwestern

Oct. 25                  at Indiana

Nov. 1                   at Minnesota

Nov. 8                   Rutgers

Nov. 22                 at Purdue

Nov. 28 (Fri.)      Iowa

Note: Nebraska has a non-conference game scheduled at Cincinnati in 2025 (Sept. 13), with two non-conference games to be scheduled.  

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