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Omaha Central is all in on the turnover celebration craze

Posted at 4:06 PM, Oct 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-02 17:06:11-04

At Omaha Central, a trash can has become the team’s turnover celebration.

It’s as simple as this, force a turnover, take the ball and then bring the pizazz as you dunk through the hoop.

"We kind of part the sea on the sideline, everybody goes and runs with them,” head coach Jay Landstrom said.

“I just did a regular Lebron type dunk,” cornerback Abraham Hoskins III said as he remembered his first dunk.

It gets the team hyped, because it's right in front of a rowdy student section.

“Whoever is dunking it jumps up and once they slam it and come back down it’s just like a big mosh pit of people,” inside linebacker Christian Simmons said.

This season, the biggest defensive takeaway from practice is to get takeaways.

“Usually if you’re winning the turnover battle, there is a good shot you’re winning the game as well. Our main goal on defense is to get two plus takeaways on defense a game,” assistant coach Bryan Calder said.

This year, Central has forced ten turnovers through six games. which is the same amount of how many they had all of last year.

The Eagles players are bought in, flying to the ball and taking it away for a change of possession and momentum.

“When I get a turnover, my team gets a turnover. Now we are on offense, we’re doing what we need to do to go and get a touchdown now," defensive end Nate Page said.

It’s rallying this team, and it's showing up in the statistics, and that gives Omaha Central even more reason to celebrate.