Positively the Heartland: A home for Owen Hansen

Posted at 7:21 AM, May 04, 2021
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COUNCIL BLUFFS, Ia. (KMTV) - In February, Council Bluffs teenager Owen Hansen was snowboarding when he broke his neck and tore his spinal cord. Now, friends and family are working to make his life easier.

His grandparents are remodeling their home to better serve Owen's needs. The goal is for him to have no limitations.

"He can get throughout the entire home, from getting in the front door to getting out the back door. All the floors will be one level, so it'll make it easy. Obviously, the bathroom is the center of the remodel. That's the most important, he's able to get in and take a shower," family friend and contractor Kim Stewart said.

Stewart has been spearheading this effort. This self-proclaimed "Jill of All Trades" works at least 50 hours a week so Owen can have a safe haven with his grandma and grandpa.

"We do lots of holidays and birthdays and stuff here," said Rosie Henry, his grandmother. "If Mom and Dad have to go somewhere, Owen has a place to come and he'll have this forever."

Besides this remodel, Owen's loved ones are also working on building a new house for him. His uncle, Leo McIntosh, says it's a work in progress.

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"We've mobilized five fundraisers. We've put a bid on the lot through the city that we should know within the next weeks if we get that lot. That's where it all starts, we've been soliciting different contractors," McIntosh said.

Thanks to Stewart's tireless work and safekeeping, Owen not only has a home, but he also has a sanctuary.

"I think it'll be much easier than having to look at him through the window because of COVID. It's gonna be good," Henry said.

Owen will have a big homecoming celebration later this month. His family needs another $100,000 to make the new house a reality. To keep up with the progress, visit this page.

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