POSITIVELY THE HEARTLAND: Boy Scouts growing again after pandemic

Posted at 7:16 AM, Jun 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-01 08:16:16-04

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — The local Boy Scout troops are stepping in to guide young people as they discover a renewed interest in the outdoors while teaching them life skills.

“People sort of learned about it last summer when they were stuck inside, but now they’re looking for that next step," said Lu Ann Kluch, District Chairman of Boy Scout Wagon Wheel District.

Kluch says Boy Scouts of the Midland is seeing a growing number of boys and girls becoming interested in the great outdoors and all the Boy Scouts have to offer.

This comes after a year in which the scouts, like many other organizations, had to begin meeting in a more virtual setting.

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“So much of being a youth is being able to just have fun, relax, run, play tag, and the games," Kluch said. "And when you go on virtual, it's very difficult.”

Even with in-person events, like their summer camps, the Boy Scouts only saw around a thousand campers signed up last year. But this year, things are looking to be a bit busier.

“We’ve already hit the numbers that we were at last year," Kluch said. "We’re pushing past the numbers that we had in 2019, and we just feel like we’re offering a strong program that people want their kids in.”

These programs range from civic service, to classes, to the classic camping trips - all with lessons of leadership, teamwork, and communication at the heart of each activity.

“But when we are out camping, it’s all about the leadership, who’s watching the clock and who’s in charge of what part of the weekend - so that everybody has a chance to be one of the team to experience the success, and be the leader that helps guide the team," Kluch said.

Kluch said they are excited to be welcoming back so many young people and hope to see more join their ranks this year.

You can learn more about signing up for the Boy Scouts at Kluch says right now is the perfect time to get involved and get signed up for the summer camps scheduled for June.

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