Positively the Heartland: Leia Baez shares story of her hardship and inspires millions

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OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — Leia Baez.

Her name may look familiar — perhaps from Omaha World-Herald bylines, where Baez won awards for her reporting.

"I've been a storyteller my whole life," she said. "I never expected though sharing my skeletons and letting them out, but it's been so freeing."

Reluctant, Baez first shared those skeletons in 2018. She earned her master's degree from Bellevue University and was asked to deliver the commencement speech.

She talked about divorce, losing custody of her daughter, and returning to her childhood bedroom — where she was reminded of her dreams.

"I have learned so much about myself, about overcoming adversity, and about always trusting God's plan."

Her message resonated, not just with the audience that day, but Baez's speech has been viewed online more than 6.5 million times to date.

"I had to be open about this journey because healing is so important," she said.

Part of that process included writing A Star for Stella. A portion of proceeds from the book's sales supports Bethlehem House.

"The key to success of this program is watching other women do it," said Director Gina Tomes.

"Leia's doing it. She is achieving goals and she is getting out of her comfort zone. She wrote a book. She's sharing her message. She wants to empower other women and their families to do what is their dream and watching her do that is nothing short of an inspiration."

Learn more about Leia Baez here.

Watch Leia Baez's Bellevue University commencement speech:

A Star for Stella on Amazon: A Star for Stella: A Mother's Journey to Overcome: Baez, Leia: 9781637307090: Books

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