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Posted at 1:08 PM, Feb 25, 2021
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OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — We all have our favorite ice cream parlor and that special place we go for cookies, cakes and donuts.

Now there's a shop that specializes in brownies. Just brownies.

In this week's Shop the Heartland report, 3 News Now Anchor Serese Cole takes you to the Brownie Bar, where you can get a delicious brownie just the way you like it.

Jim Friedman begins most of his workdays by making batch after batch of brownies.

It all started with a craving.

"We were looking for a dessert place and we were thinking cupcakes, cookies and one of us happened to mention, 'you know what really sounds good is a brownie. But where can you get a brownie?' and from there the conversation turned into why doesn't somebody have a brownie place?" Friedman remembered.

After some thinking and a lot of experimenting, he whipped up the perfect batch.

He and his partner Michael had so much success selling their brownies at farmers markets, they opened the Brownie Bar in downtown Omaha.

Since then, the business has been sweet.

"We have three types of brownies, traditional, blonde and dark chocolate," Friedman said.

The traditional brownies are the best seller.

"But once people try the blonde and the dark chocolate, those are really big hits for most people, and it kind of sways them away from the traditional brownie," he said.

You have a few decisions to make at the Brownie Bar. Once you pick out what kind of brownie you want, then you get to choose the toppings you want on them.

There are four homemade frostings and four liquid toppings to choose from.

"A fudge sauce, a dulce de leche and a couple of compotes," Friedman added.

Jim said the brownies are more than just a treat.

They're a gift.

"They (customers) ship them out for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, any kind of celebration," Friedman said.

They sell a sampler box called The Flight.

"You get your three brownies and all eight toppings and we've included the topping of the month which is our Cinnamon Frosting," Friedman said.

This year, they're offering something new: a brownie subscription.

"If people want to do a three-month or a six-month subscription, you can have brownies mailed to you every month. We'll send a six-pack and then we include the topping of the month and one other topping. And you get a discount on the brownies if you sign up," he shared.

After more than a year in the brownie bar business, Jim is most thankful for how his customers have rallied during this pandemic.

"It really saved us," Friedman reflected. "As soon as they found out they could order online, we were doing 15, 20, 25 orders a day."

He returns the favor by continuing to bake their favorite brownies.

"People are happy to come have dessert and have something that's chocolate," he said.

And he is happy to help.

You can buy the brownies individually or in packs of 3, 6 or 12 .

If you're watching your waistline, the Brownie Bar does have gluten-free, keto-friendly brownies.

Next month's featured topping is Irish creme.

You can also book a Brownie Bartender for special events and occasions like weddings.

For more information go to or you can stop by the store at 1217 Leavenworth Street.

There is free off-street parking available.

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