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Posted at 8:03 AM, Dec 17, 2020
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OMAHA, Neb (KMTV) — If you're one of the many people who buy Christmas presents for your pets, a local small business owner makes pup-approved treats you may want under your tree this year.

If there's anybody who loves dogs - it's Nina Austin.

She's rescued five of them.

But her rescue dog Oscar changed her life.

"He had all the wrong health issues. So we ended up making his food and started making treats," Nina said.

Treat making came easy for Nina.

She used to be a pastry chef.

"I use the same techniques that I would in French pastry making," she explained. "I try to keep things to about five ingredients or less."

She started giving samples to her friends.

"And they were like, when I bring these home - my dogs know that I have your treats - so you should think about doing this," Nina said.

Before she knew it, Nina found herself in the dog treat business.

She just needed a name.

"People love their pets. I couldn't have picked a better name - Love Yo Pup," she stated.

She believes pets should have the same high-quality nutrition as their humans. She says raspberries, blueberries, peas and sweet potatoes are some of the ingredients in her Venison Stew treats.

But the Boomstick Biscuits are her biggest seller. It's an anti-anxiety treat.

"It doesn't make their systems upset, and it just makes them happy. And the next thing you know your baby's sitting next to you going - thanks mom," she explained.

All her treats are homemade - with love.

"I think that they deserve it, you deserve it as a pet parent. They deserve it because they are our companions."

Nina doesn't have a storefront yet, but you can find her treats around town.

Hardy Coffee is just one of the stores that sells Nina's dog treats. She also delivers.

"I do Omaha free delivery ... it's kind of the sneaky way I get to see your pups - see the babies and you," she joked.

Nina will do anything for her customers.

"I love my customers, we're all crazy pet parents."

And from one pet lover to the next...

"I want you to be able to spoil your babies without any stress, worry or regret," Nina said.

Nina says her calming Boomstick Biscuits are most popular during the Fourth of July. So popular, she delivers 24-7 as needed.

She also takes special requests year-round.

To check out all of Nina's dog treats, you can go to

That's also where you can find local stores that sell her dog treats.

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