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Posted at 8:05 AM, Jul 01, 2021
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PAPILLION, Neb. (KMTV) — Flights are all the rage right now. There are stores that offer beer flights, brownie flights and coffee flights in the metro.

In this week's Shop The Heartland, 3 News Now Anchor Serese Cole tells us where you can get an ice cream flight and go back in time for a unique Victorian experience.

Nobody loves ice cream more than Bryon Compton.

"I've been making ice cream since I was little," Compton said.

So it's only fitting he owns his own ice cream shop.

"We have over 530 recipes. We've made about 100 of them," he said.

At any given time, there are 24 different ice cream flavors at Graley's Creamery and Confections.

Bryon creates them all using only fresh and natural ingredients.

"It's summertime so I really try and do a lot of fresh summer fruit," Compton explained.

The menu at Graley's changes with the seasons, but customer favorites tend to stick around.

"Butter Brickle is a historical flavor for Omaha started in the Blackstone district, and so we make our take on it. Lemon Bar is another old-fashioned flavor," he shared.

Old fashioned is the theme there.

"This is the oldest standing building in Papillion," Compton explained.

From the music to the ambiance to the menu, there are throwbacks of the early 1900s all over the place.

"We specialize in the old-fashioned drinks, so we do old-fashioned sodas. Things like the Brown Cow, the Black Cows. We do all old-fashioned malts, we do banana splits, everything that you can imagine as a child," Compton said.

His more modern addition is the ice cream flights. Customers choose seven different flavors for seven dollars.

"We mix it up any way you want," he explained.

As you can imagine, the ice cream flights are extremely popular. They are so popular they no longer serve them on the weekend because the lines were just too long.

The flight phenomenon started with one social media post.

"Someone, I have no idea who, but thank you very much, got on the Omaha Food Lovers (page) and said, 'they do these ice cream flights'," Compton recalled.

Since then, they've sold as many as 70 flights in one day.

"They always have different flavors to try, and I'm actually one of the Omaha Food Lovers," said Jamie Woodall, who's the one who posted about the flights about a month ago.

"I got 600 likes," Woodall laughed.

Bryon never Jamie until now.

"You started that? You're the one? Can I hug you?" Compton asked jokingly.

Woodall said so many other ice cream shops around town get recognized, she wanted people to know about Graley's delicious ice cream, too.

Her post went viral.

"I've never gone viral and I was like what's happening... just go try the ice cream. It's good, and I told everybody to try the Ooey Gooey Butter Cake because it's my favorite ice cream ever," she laughed.

Her kids love Graley's as much as she does.

The smiles on kids' faces, the family time and creating memories is what Compton loves most about his job.

"We don't talk about how good our ice cream is. We try to make it the best we can. But we're all about bringing families, bringing friends together and making memories and so that's what Graley's really is all about," Compton said.

"What's your favorite flavor?" Serese asked.

"I haven't created it yet," said Compton.

So, he'll keep making his ice cream until he does.

The Graley's flights are seven mini scoops that equal about two-and-a-half scoops of ice cream.

If you're really feeling adventurous, Graley's has an ice cream challenge called The Chad.

It's 24 scoops of ice cream, six brownies, six bananas, 12 toppings with whipped cream and a cherry.

If you eat it all in 45 minutes, it's on the house. If not, it'll cost you $87.

Graley's is in downtown Papillion on 147 North Washington Street.

Visit their website before your visit to see the flavors of the day.

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