Shop The Heartland: New British market & bakery is a hit with Nebraskans

Posted at 7:56 AM, Apr 22, 2021
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OMAHA, Neb (KMTV) — A new metro store is offering Midwesterners an opportunity to see, smell, touch and taste all things England without ever leaving the country.

In this week's Shop the Heartland report, 3 News Now Anchor Serese Cole takes you to Chippy's, the only British market and bakery in Nebraska.

Chippy's is where you can experience all things Britain in one store.

"When somebody comes into the shop, they are for a brief moment propelled into Britain and have a little slice of England just right here in Omaha," explained owner Glenn Greet.

Greet runs the place.

The Brit native has called Nebraska home for five years.

"I just love the Nebraska way of life," he said.

There's only one downside.

"We were having to go to Kansas to get to the nearest British store," Greet explained.

That's why he and his wife opened Chippy's.

Apparently, he wasn't the only one craving a little life across the pond.

The line the day of the store's grand opening, April 3, was out the door and wrapped around the building.

"We were completely wiped out, I had to call my suppliers telling them what happened," he recalled.

The kids come for the Harry Potter Butter Beer.

"It's a soft drink. It's a children's drink. It's absolutely delicious," Greet said.

The kids at heart love the baked goods.

"The cheese onion pasty is probably number one with our American friends. It's really yummy. It's melted cheese, potatoes and onion with a puff pastry. It's so popular. We make that first because we know it goes first," he shared.

The British beverages also fly off the shelves.

"England's number one drink is the Ribena, the black currant. It's a lot like grape. It's a little bit sweeter. You have to try it, and we do have free samples so some of these juices people can try," he explained.

Inside this store, you'll find a map of England. If you've been there or lived there, you mark the spot with a pin.

Glenn said he can't believe how many people in Nebraska have ties to his home country.

"It's amazing. I thought I was the only Brit, but then people just kept pouring and pouring in and telling me about what they did in England and how they got to America and what they've done with their lives in America. It's very heartwarming," Greet shared.

"I've been dying for a British store in Omaha forever," said Omaha resident Joe McGuire.

American customers are just as excited about the new store.

"They've got all kinds of stuff that we don't have here," McGuire said. "The chocolate is different. It just tastes different. It's better in my opinion. Very expensive but better. Just stuff you can't get here like their Heinz beans are amazing."

It's about culture, experience and memories.

"A lot of people come in here and have told me, 'I'm getting an ice cream because that's what me and my mum did when she was alive,' so it's the whole thing. It's not just the item," Greet explained.

At Chippy's, you find a love for both countries.

"Maybe it's the history or just how tight our two countries are, but everyone seems to have a love for Britain over here and then over there, everyone has a love for America," Greet stated.

Either way...

"I'll be frequenting this place quite often," McGuire said.

Customers said a store like this is long overdue.

Greet said there was a two-hour wait on opening day and he did not have one grumpy customer.

He added that's just another reason he said he loves Nebraska.

The store sells nearly 500 items imported from England. There are four departments inside Chippy's: a grocery, market, gift shop and bakery. The most popular is the bakery.

They make 30 different items for now, but based on customer demand, there are long-term plans to expand.

Visit their website here.

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