Take Out Tuesday: Dirty Birds

Posted at 11:07 AM, Feb 23, 2021

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — Dirty Birds is one of the newest and literally hottest chicken restaurants in Omaha.

Morning anchor Serese Cole visited the home of pickled fried chicken to see what’s got everybody talking.

One hour away from opening and the Dirty Birds chefs were hard at work.

Dan Whalen makes the biscuits.

“He’s got a lot of bread cred on the streets of Omaha, I promise you that,” said Moses Moseley.

Mike West specializes in the signature sides, like creamy potato salad.

Moseley cooks up Dirty Bird’s showstopper, their spicy Nashville chicken sandwich.

The secret is in the sauce and the cut of the chicken.

“We don't just do one chicken thigh. We have what we called a thigh and a nug and that gives us the height that we like,” said Moseley.

Topped with cucumber pickles and green bean pickles, people can’t get enough.

And you can get it with their sweet and spicy debo fries. They top it with their debo hot sauce, which is Louisiana-style hot sauce that they mole with apples, burned cayenne and top with garlic honey.

They also create combo meals.

“It's juicy, it's crispy, it's got all the characteristics you'd want from chicken and it’s ours,” said Moseley.

When you do come to Dirty Birds, bring your appetite. The blue corn hushpuppies are the perfect dessert.

“They are so sweet. People go crazy over these things,” said Moseley.

That's good news for this new restaurant, which opened in January.

“Our very first day, we sold out. Maybe it was a fluke. Our second day, we sold out,” said Moseley.

Their bird business is good.

“Now we're starting to see people out west, we're starting to see people who have heard from other cities and they come in and they’ve got to try it,” said Moseley.

They've been working at this for years.

“We did our first pop-up back in 2015. We've been stomping around the city for the last five years together as friends,” said Moseley.

Now, these friends have their own place with their own personality where it's all about the birds.

“This is all we want to do. This is all we've ever done,” said Moseley.

Making delicious food with friends.

“I cook with my best friends every day. I don't know if it can get any better,” said Moseley.

See their menu here.

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