Take Out Tuesday: Pacific Eating House

Posted at 10:26 AM, Apr 06, 2021
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OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — A new metro restaurant is getting a lot of buzz thanks to its ocean-inspired menu.

The owners of Pacific Eating House are from the Pacific Coast. The chef lived there and so did the general manager. Their expertise and succulent seafood are proving to be a winning combination for Omaha.

"Everything that touches the Pacific Ocean. Alaska, all way down through Mexico, the Pacific Rim," explained General Manager Brittany Love.

She takes pride in their fresh seafood.

"The fish that I get is literally in the water 48 hours before it's in our hands. So I call them up and I'm like, 'Hey, can I get 20 pounds?' and it's on its way," Love said.

It's no surprise the cod and chips are so flavorful.

They're beer-battered.

"I think that's what really puts it over the top without the grease factor," Chef Patrick McCracken explained.

They are also served with apple slaw and fries.

Love said the JDF Tacos are also a hit.

"It stands for Juan de Fuca which is up in Washington. They are a blue corn shell salmon taco with avocado aioli, fire-roasted pepper, fresh greens and we have our own miso glaze on the salmon. It's a flavor explosion," Love shared.

But it's not all about the seafood.

McCracken said one of the most ordered items on the menu is the Crying Tiger.

"It's not similar to a lot of other steaks you get anywhere else," McCracken said.

Once the steak is grilled just right, it's sliced and prepped.

"We top that with a little pistachio, some crispy shallots and then just some fresh herbs," McCracken added.

Then it's ready to serve.

"It comes with white jasmine rice, fresh green beans and a spicy jaew sauce," McCracken added.

What's unusual about the Pacific Eating House is that they list where the meals are from on the menu.

From the Seattle clam chowder to their savory salmon salad to their popular Korean-inspired bowl.

"You're definitely going to get something you can't get other places in town," Love said.

And don't forget dessert. The strawberry rhubarb cheesecake is made in-house.

"There's something for everyone on our menu," Love said. "It's addictive. There are times I've seen people for lunch and dinner."

A good sign after the restaurant was forced to close due to COVID-19 just two weeks after it opened last March.

"It was a lot of hours to get this place open, a lot of cleaning and then just to be completely shut was heartbreaking," Love said. "But we're back at it and we're getting busier, so we can only go up from here."

Up and always to the Pacific Coast.

The adult beverages are also Pacific Coast-inspired.

All the beer that isn't local is from the Pacific Coast and the restaurant just added some new California wines to the collection.

Pacific Eating House is located at 1130 Sterling Ridge Drive. To see the full menu, go to this website.

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