Take Out Tuesday: Trucks and Taps

Posted at 8:23 AM, Jun 29, 2021
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OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — If you've driven down 108th and Q Street, you've probably seen it. Food trucks parked around the old Sonic restaurant.

3 News Now Morning Anchor Serese Cole stopped to check it out and found there's no other place like Trucks and Taps in the metro.

If you're a food truck lover, it's your place.

"All the food trucks that are here cook from scratch. You're getting restaurant-level cooking coming out of a kitchen on wheels," said Kevin Wyatt.

It's called Trucks and Taps or T&T.

It's the newest one-stop food truck shop in the metro.

Wyatt co-owns the place and says customers love it.

"People have a different attitude coming to a food truck to eat than they do a restaurant. It's very much more casual. They are for some odd reason thrilled about the idea of ordering from a window of a vehicle then going to sit down and eating it," Wyatt said.

He's also the owner of the Big Green Q food truck, one of the resident trucks at T&T.

"Our burnt ends are off the chart," Wyatt admitted.

Inside the Big Green Q, things are always smoking. The Big Green Egg is his secret.

"The Big Green Egg as a cooking device is unparalleled. It really is. Whether we're doing a steak on there at 600 degrees or whether we're slow cooking ribs or chicken, it does it better than anything else," Wyatt shared.

Big Green Q Chef Donovan Winebrenner said their chicken is brined, seasoned, and smoked to perfection.

He showed off their famous ribs, bacon-wrapped lollipop drumsticks and side dish showstopper: their famous T&T tots.

"We make our tater tots from scratch. There's nothing like them in town," Winebrenner said.

They also make their own sauces.

Just because you're ordering off a food truck doesn't mean you can't eat healthy. There are plenty of vegan and gluten-free options.

"I cater to vegetarians, keto, gluten-free, the whole nine," Winebrenner added.

Right next to the Big Green Q food truck is the other resident food truck called The Dire Lion Grille and Chippy.

All the food there is U.K.-inspired.

"Fish and Chips is what we're known for. That's our number one seller by a country mile. We tell everybody since day one, this is the best fish and chips in town," said owner Isaiah Renner.

Renner keeps it simple. His fish is prepared with beer batter and flour. It's double fried and served with their house-cut fries.

There is a lot on the menu to choose from.

"We also have stuff like chicken masala. That is widely considered a national dish in the U.K. It was created there and invented there," Renner explained.

"Being here is great," Renner said.

Renner said having his food truck parked at T&T is the best decision he's made.

"It's kind of a captive market. There's a bar here, there's seating here, there's shade here," he pointed out.

And the rotating food trucks are different each week.

"There's nothing else like it. It's just a fun atmosphere and I also think it answers that age-old question: where do you want to go eat tonight, what do you want for dinner? When we have four or five trucks going, you have that many options," Renner smiled.

The T&T owners hope the food truck hub will extend their season this winter when food trucks usually get less business.

They plan to offer take-out, delivery and winterize their patio.

Trucks and Taps is located near 108th and Q Street.

Tuesdays through Sundays you can order food from any of the trucks, grab a drink from the bar window and eat on the patio or get it to go.

A food truck schedule is posted on their website every week so you can see which food trucks will be there.

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