Take Out Tuesday: WD Cravings

Posted at 7:59 AM, Jul 06, 2021
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OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — She's from Mexico. He's from Peru. Together, they're cooking up sweet success.

In this week's Takeout Tuesday, 3 News Now Anchor Serese Cole takes you to a metro restaurant literally created with love.

There's heat in the kitchen at WD Cravings, and it's not all because of the food.

"She's the one," said Piero Cotrina.

Wendy Delgado and Piero met in New York City.

"I was working at a restaurant, and she was working at the sister restaurant, but she would make pastries for both restaurants," Piero explained.

It wasn't exactly love at first sight.

"We hated each other," Piero chucked.

"Why did you hate him?" asked Serese.

"He talks a lot," Wendy chuckled.

"I like to talk," Piero admitted.

But food brought them together and eventually to Omaha.

"We always talked about food," Piero said.

They started selling Wendy's pastries at farmer's markets.

"Every time we showed up, we'd sell out," he said.

They were so successful, the duo opened their own restaurant.

"WD Cravings stands for Wendy Delgado," Piero said with a smile.

"This is the first time that we're actually full-time cooking together," he added.

Piero said their chemistry is what makes their food so good.

Their top-selling breakfast item is the fried chicken sandwich.

Wendy makes the chicken. Piero whips up the eggs. They combine the two on a buttered English muffin with their homemade chipotle mayo topped with parsley and herb oil.

The pasta dishes are also a hit. All the ingredients are fresh and the pasta is made from scratch.

Piero is constantly tasting.

"I am not going to give something to somebody that I am not going to like," he shared.

Once the mac and cheese meet his approval, Wendy adds the fried chicken then more cheese. When customers get a bite of this...

"They don't speak, they just stay quiet and keep eating," Piero laughed.

The Chicken Parmigiana is another fan favorite. The breaded chicken breast is served on top of their premiere popadara pasta and signature pomodoro sauce.

When you're at WD Cravings, you can get breakfast, lunch or dinner, but its Wendy's pastries that keep customers coming back.

What do customers love the most?

"The cannolis, absolutely," Wendy said.

"Every time I eat them, my tummy wants a second bite, then a third bite, and then another one," Piero laughed.

There are several sweets to choose from.

"The Berry Tart is my favorite," Wendy shared.

After a year in their new place, the cooking couple still enjoys the dance of making delicious meals together.

"He pushes me, I'm pushing him," Wendy said.

While some things haven't changed...

"Do you still think he talks a lot?" Serese asked.

"Oh yeah, he never stops!" she laughed.

Their love for food and each other remains a recipe for success.

WD Cravings also brews its own crafted coffee.

Customers can drive-thru or dine in.

But before you head to the restaurant, go to their website to see their hours.

Right now, they vary from day to day. You can find WD Cravings in Cherry Hills Plaza at 7110 North 102nd Circle.

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