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Serese Cole talked with Omaha's champ 'Bud' Crawford about his upcoming fight & his passion for helping others

KMTV and American National Bank are teaming up to raise money for Crawford's B&B Sports Academy, a safe space for kids of all ages
Posted at 1:15 PM, Jul 17, 2023

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KMTV) — Terence "Bud" Crawford is less than two weeks away from his highly anticipated fight against Errol Spence, Jr. The fight is July 29, but Monday, KMTV is kicking off our "Fight Week." We are highlighting the work Crawford is doing with his B&B Sports Academy in Omaha.

The facility, near 30th and Sprague Streets, is the Champ's home gym, but for Crawford, it's much more than that. B&B Sports Academy provides training for future boxers and a safe place for kids of all ages to go.

Serese Cole & Terrence 'Bud' Crawford go one round of rapid-fire questions

As part of fight week, KMTV and American National Bank are teaming up to raise money for B&B. 3 News Now Anchor Serese Cole caught up with the Champ in Colorado Springs to talk about what the gym, and this campaign, means to him.

Serese sat down with Crawford after his first workout of the day.

Serese: How was training this morning?
Crawford: Aw man it was tough. I'm tired now.

Serese: So, we know you're gearing up for what many say is the biggest fight of your life here in Colorado Springs, but back in Omaha there's another fight going on - to give kids a fighting chance at your B&B Sports Academy. How excited are you about this campaign?

Terence: I'm very excited to have this campaign for the gym. It's a great atmosphere for the young kids and the young adults to come down there and to get fitness. It's a life changing community.

Serese: It's called "Give Kids a Fighting Chance." If there's anybody who knows about that - it's you. There were people who believed in you, who poured into you - who fought for you. Why was it so important that you open this facility to do the same for kids in the community?

Terence: Because it saved my life, boxing saved my life - and I know boxing can save the next kids life as well. So being that the community that I was raised in was kind of violent , why not put the gym in the violent community where the kids have something do to instead of thinking violent all the time?

For nearly 10, years B&B Sports Academy has not only provided training for future boxers, but a safe haven for youth in the community

The mission is simple.

"To get as many kids off the streets as possible," Crawford said.

Serese: You mentioned B&B could be life-changing. How is it impacting kids in the community?

Terence: It's impacting the community because not only do have a boxing gym, we've got the wrestling side of the gym ... after hours you got the MMA, it's just wonderful down there.

When I'm working out with them or they see me, you'll see them over there hitting the bag looking to try to make sure I'm looking at them or giving them some attention. So, I come over there and say throw a jab like this - do this or do that - or work on this and you know they love it.

Serese: Having you see them; you know that means everything to them, right?

Terence: Oh definitely. It's a few of them that are in the gym every day.

Serese: Is that how you were?
Terence: Yeah, I was in the gym every day.

Serese: You started boxing at seven years old. When did you realize I'm pretty good at this?

Crawford: Actually, when I won the National Ringside Tournament, and I was like dang I won the belt, and I was like I need to start taking this seriously because boxers was going all around the world boxing, and I was like I want to go there and — sure enough — boxing has taken me to places I never thought I'd go.

Serese: Now where would you like to see B&B Sports Academy go from here?

Crawford: I would like to expand. We have outgrown the gym. If you come in the gym - you'll see all the little kids. (So many) that we gotta do separate days, separate ages because there's so many kids. If they came at one time, there's not enough bags, there's not enough room so everything is bunched up - and they can't even move around, and you can't even get a good workout.

Serese: But what a good problem - to have outgrown this place?
Terence: Oh definitely. There's been times we've had to turn kids down because of that.

He says this campaign can change that — and so can his fans.

Serese: What does this mean to have this campaign going on in your hometown?

Terence: It means a lot because it shows my community is supporting what me and Brian (his trainer) is trying to accomplish ... Supporting me by supporting the kids is everything. A lot of people always say how can I help you? I want to help you. I say you can help me by helping them because that's what I'm going to do. You can help me by helping the kids - they need more help than me. I'm alright.

You can help make a difference in the lives of children at B&B Sports Academy. Your donations will provide training, equipment, and opportunities for kids in our community.

To donate, go to our website KMTV is matching the first $10,000 donated.

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