Nebraska offensive lineman Jaimes making Husker history

Posted at 9:26 PM, Dec 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-08 22:39:02-05

LINCOLN (KMTV) — Brenden Jaimes made some Husker history last Saturday at Purdue. The senior started his 39th straight game, the longest streak ever by a Nebraska offensive lineman.

Jaimes is now just two away from Jeremiah Sirles' O-line record of 41 career starts.

"It has been a long 39 games," Jaimes said. "I'll say that. Did I see myself starting 39 ever since after that? No, honestly. I came to Nebraska at about 265-270 pounds and to start in the Big Ten as an offensive tackle at that weight is not ideal. But for the most part I feel like I held my own and then every year after that was just continuing to be a better version of myself."

Although, he come back for another season since the NCAA granted all players a free year of eligibility, the Texas native could also decide to pursue an NFL career next year.

"There’s two really good options," said Jaimes. "I don't think I'd be wrong with either option. So, I have to talk a lot about it to my family and coaches, but right now I'm really just focused on finishing the season. When that time comes, I'll make a decision. But until then, I’m focused on the team.”

The Huskers host Minnesota Saturday for Senior Day starting at 11 a.m. on FS1.

"I don't think anyone's been in this situation before, so for our senior day to be in a year like it has been, I think emotions will be high," Jaimes said. "But like (Scott) Frost always says, you know we have to control those emotions and still execute with passion and emotion. But just learn how to control it. Proud to be a senior at Nebraska. Wouldn't have had it any other way. Obviously if there were fans that'd be pretty cool. But you know other than that, I love the way things turned out. You know, I learned a lot more from losing than winning. I think I we've all grown a lot more throughout this year so proud of myself product, part of the guys I play with and I think emotions will be high that day.”

While some members of Jaimes' recruiting class have left, the 6'6" 300 pounder reflected on why he chose to stick it out at Nebraska.

“I wanted to show that I was I was loyal," Jaimes said. "I really had no reason to transfer. For the guys that did, they've had a lot of success so everyone has their reasons. I wanted to come to Nebraska to be at Nebraska and be a part of tradition like no other. And I feel like I've done that. I put a lot of trust in Coach Frost and his coaching staff and I'm glad that they are the staff that came. It couldn't imagine a better coach than Coach Austin. He's a main reason of why I stayed. I love playing for him. I love being coached by him. I love being with him every single day. He's a big reason of why I stayed.”