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TORNADO UPDATE: 17 tornadoes confirmed from the May 24, 2024 Derecho

Many short-lived tornadoes occurred in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa
Posted at 4:21 PM, May 27, 2024

On Friday morning, May 24, a line of severe storms moved across Nebraska and Iowa. They impacted our viewing area between midnight and 4 am, bringing winds up to 80 mph and widespread wind damage. Alongside this wind damage, over a dozen short-lived tornadoes were spawned from this storm system over eastern Nebraska and western Iowa.

May 24 Radar.gif
Radar loop from the storms on the morning of May 24, 2024.

Tornadoes: 17
EF-1: 4
EF-0: 13

Confirmed Tornadoes.png
The confirmed tornadoes from the round of storms Friday morning, May 24

Rating: EF-1
Counties: Platte, Colfax
Wind Speed: 107 mph
Time: 1:08 - 1:23 am
Overview: The tornado began east of Tarnov near 385th Street and 250th Avenue. The tornado broadly followed 385th Street through eastern Platte County into far western Colfax County. Several trees, powerlines, and outbuildings were damaged in the tornado.

Rating: EF-1
Counties: Platte
Wind Speed: 100 mph
Time: 1:13 am
Overview: A tornado began on the north side of the Columbus Municipal Airport. The tornado snapped power poles on 3rd Avenue before lifting near 6th Avenue.

Rating: EF-1
County: Colfax
Wind Speed: 110 mph
Time: 1:30 - 1:37 am
Overview: This was the strongest tornado from the May 24 storms. It began near Highway 15 and County Road T southwest of Howells, missing the town to the south. The tornado did significant damage to several outbuildings as it crossed northeast Colfax County. The tornado at times approached 1/3 mile wide, the widest tornado from the Friday morning storms. The tornado lifted near County Roads 15 and V.

Rating: EF-0
County: Dodge
Wind Speed: 85 mph
Time: 1:50 am
Overview: After 80-100 mph straight-line winds occurred in Snyder, a brief tornado developed just east of town near the Prenzlow Meat Factory, where an outbuilding was destroyed. Multiple trees were snapped before the tornado lifted south of Highway 91 between County Roads 8 and 9.

The tornadoes in Platte, Colfax, and Dodge Counties

Rating: EF-0
County: Seward
Wind Speed: 70 mph
Time: 1:43 am
Overview: A tornado flipped a center irrigation pivot south of Superior Road about a half mile south of the Seward Municipal Airport.

The tornado near Seward

Rating: EF-0
County: Saunders
Wind Speed: 75 mph
Time: 2:03 am
Overview: A tornado caused some tree and power line damage in the Woodcliff Lake Community.

Location of the Woodcliff tornado (blue triangle)

Rating: EF-0
County: Washington
Wind Speed: 80 mph
Time: 2:18 - 2:20 am
Overview: One of the longer-lived tornadoes of the event. This tornado followed down County Road 22 between Blair and Nickerson in central Washington County. Damage was mostly confined to trees and power lines.

Rating: EF-0
County: Washington
Wind Speed: 74 mph
Time: 2:22 am
Overview: This tornado began near the Highway 30 roundabout south of Blair. It caused significant tree damage as it moved into town. The tornado lifted near the intersection of 16th and South Streets in Blair. Straight line wind damage occurred in the rest of town.

Washington County.JPG
Path of the two tornadoes over Washington County

Rating: EF-0
County: Saunders
Wind Speed: 76 mph
Time: 2:12 am
Overview: Tree and power line damage was caused by a brief tornado along County Road 6 southeast of Memphis.

Rating: EF-0
County: Sarpy
Wind Speed: 79 mph
Time: 2:25 am
Overview: This tornado snapped several power poles and a few trees on Capehart Road between 180th and 192nd Streets south of Gretna.

The locations of the Memphis and Gretna tornadoes (blue triangles)

Rating: EF-0
County: Sarpy
Wind Speed: 79 mph
Time: 2:31 am
Overview: This tornado began over 84th Street and moved into the Shadow Lake neighborhood. Damage was mostly confined to trees and fences, although a few houses near Shadow Lake Elementary School had siding damage.

The path of the tornado in the Shadow Lake neighborhood of Papillion

Rating: EF-0
County: Sarpy
Wind Speed: 80 mph
Time: 2:35 - 2:40 am
Overview: What was at first thought to be two tornadoes turned out to be one singular tornado that moved through Bellevue. The tornado started near Lookingglass Park where a few trees were damaged. The tornado moved over the northern part of Offutt AFB where damage was done to trees, overturning a trailer, and roof damage to a building. The tornado continued northeast into Olde Towne Bellevue where it lifted near the intersection of Franklin Street and Mission Avenue after snapping trees in Olde Towne.

Path of the tornado through Bellevue

Rating: EF-1
County: Harrison
Wind Speed: 107 mph
Time: 2:41 am
Overview: A brief tornado caused lots of tree damage in Missouri Valley. The tornado started near the intersection of 1st and Michigan Streets. The tornado continued down Michigan Street before lifting near St. Clair and 10th Streets. The worst tree damage was noted around 7th and Michigan Streets.

Missouri Valley.JPG
Path of the tornado through Missouri Valley, Iowa

Rating: EF-0
County: Pottawattamie
Wind Speed: 83 mph
Time: 3:00 am
Overview: This tornado occurred near 300th Avenue and Aspen Street south of Treynor. Three-grain bins were destroyed by the tornado. Other damage occurred to trees.

Rating: EF-0
County: Montgomery
Wind Speed: 74 mph
Time: 3:10 am
Overview: Tornado began near the intersection of 120th and A and ended near 100th and B. Damage to trees and a couple of outbuildings occurred.

Rating: EF-0
County: Shelby
Wind Speed: 80 mph
Time: 3:13 am
Overview: This tornado occurred near Ironwood Road between Earling and Westphalia. A roof was torn off an outbuilding, as well as multiple trees losing branches.

Rating: EF-0
County: Montgomery
Wind Speed: 74 mph
Time: 3:22 am
Overview: This brief tornado began at 120th Street and O Avenue where it damaged an outbuilding and flipped a trailer. The tornado snapped some trees before lifting on 110th Street.

Locations of the tornadoes of southwest Iowa