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Fall Is Near, But 90s Look To Fight Back

On average, the 90s end September 12.
Posted: 6:45 PM, Sep 12, 2018
Updated: 2018-09-12 23:45:09Z
Fall Is Near, But 90s Look To Fight Back

Summer seemed to come to an abrupt end towards the end of August as rainy and cooler weather settled in. The last time Omaha hit 90 degrees at Eppley Airfield was more than two weeks ago, on August 27.

The stretch of cooler weather may leave you wondering if we've seen the last of the 90s this year. In fact, that is a timely question for today's date!

On average, the last 90 degree day in Omaha falls on September 12 (TODAY!)... but that can vary greatly. We've seen the last of the 90s as early as late July and as late as the end of October.

It looks like summer isn't quite over for 2018. We could hit 90 again later this week, possibly Friday and Saturday. This will keep getting harder and harder each day though, because days are getting shorter and our average high is now down to 79.